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Kolobok Piramida is a Russian hack of the homebrew game Uwol: Quest for Money for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis.


The hack modifies the The Mojon Twins screen to now say "Kudos: игра создана по заказу" (Kudos: The game is made to order), the copyright/credits screen was replaced with a story, and the title screen is modified, with Uwol's sprite being flipped horizontally and the lights moving extremely fast, and most of the text is translated into Russian.


  • One level was removed (possibly level 7-1) for unknown reason, meaning that if you chose to go to this level, the game softlocks.
  • The name of the game comes from a Russian folk tale called "Kolobok", in which an old man with his wife baked a giant bun, that started to be sentient and rolled out of his house, then went through different animals, threatening to eat him. Those are a bunny, a wolf and a bear. And then, a fox ate him. However, the game has nothing to do with the folk tale at all.



Box art