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Kou Dai Yao Guai Zhi Hong Lan Dui Jue (口袋妖怪之紅藍對決) is an unlicensed game for the Game Boy Advance developed by Sintax. Currently, the only version of the game known to exist is a prototype ROM of the game built some time in the 2000s that originates from an ex-Sintax employee and was leaked to the public in the early 2010s. The game's name roughly translates to "Pokémon Red and Blue Competition", but the game does not feature Pokémon anywhere except for a single Charmander on the title screen. It is unknown if this game received a proper release.


Despite the game's name, the game itself is a platformer based on the bootleg game Digimon Adventure, which Sintax is known to have developed and released a port of for the Game Boy Advance as Digimon 3. Like Digimon Adventure, you play as Agumon and can breathe fire to attack. The HUD at the bottom has a lives counter, an item counter, a health bar, and a score counter. The game uses a different platforming engine from Sintax's GBA port of Digimon Adventure that is noticeably more polished. It also appears to be more directly based on the original SNES game as the HUD more closely resembles the one from that game, and unlike Sintax's GBA port, you cannot jump on enemies and will take damage if they touch you at all. All enemies are taken from the original SNES game and have a static pattern where they move in one direction, stop, move in the other direction, stop, and repeat.

In the leaked prototype ROM, there are 10 levels. All levels are linear with only the first level having any sort of major variation in level design (floating platforms). Despite having a lives and item counter in the HUD, there is no known way to get extra lives and no collectible items are present in any of the 10 levels. Killing enemies does not affect the score in any (visible) way either. The end screen shown when you complete all 10 levels is identical to the one from the SNES Digimon Adventure game.


There are numerous gameplay bugs in the leaked prototype ROM of this game. Throughout the game, parts of the background graphics in levels will glitch when the camera moves. Boundary detection on enemies is not accurate, as some enemies will walk over gaps as if they're solid platforms. The hitboxes of some enemies can be misaligned and as a result, can either walk in front of you without you taking damage, or your fire attack will hit them only after going through their sprite. Some enemies are positioned in such a way that the fire attack will go over them and they can't be killed. The final level is prone to glitches during gameplay, with enemies able to become invisible and the HUD having the ability to permanently disappear even when you die and restart the level.

If you attempt to continue on the continue screen in the prototype ROM, the game will crash. If the timer on the same screen runs out, then you'll be taken back to a glitched version of the title screen. You can still start the game normally despite this, though.


  • The last modified date on the leaked prototype ROM is March 7, 2006. Whether it was actually built on that date isn't known for certain.
  • The only background music that plays in the game is a MIDI conversion of the song Shoujo No Koro Ni Modotta Mitai Ni from the movie Detective Conan: The Fourteenth Target.
  • The background and tilesets in the fourth level are known to be used in another Game Boy Advance game by Sintax, Mario Cart.
  • The background in the fifth level is taken from Ice Mountain Zone in Sonic Advance.

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