Kudos logo 1
Logo found on most releases.
Origin Russia
Years 2001-present(?)
Consoles PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Dreamcast
Aliases Studio KUDOS, KZ

Kudos, also referred to as Studio KUDOS, is a Russian translation studio[1] supposedly based in Moscow, which mostly published unofficial Russian translations of Sony Playstation, PlayStation 2 and Sega Dreamcast games, alongside unmodified versions.

Their output also consisted in multiple pirate game compilations for both the PSX and the Dreamcast, which included multiple titles (usually a whole series) in one disc, with one of the smallest including 2 games in 1 disc, and the biggest one including 9 games packaged in 3 CDs.

They also distributed modified games such as Raptors! Quake and Simpsons Doom II, both created by users on the internet and otherwise available for free (and quite certainly published without the authors' knowledge nor consent).

They even developed some homebrew games for PS1, one being TetraSEX (a Tetris clone with erotic pictures and porn scenes, similar in concept to Twin Eagles Group's Sextris).

After 2004, they seemingly changed their name to KZ and started referencing themselves just in the games' copyright notices, and stopped putting their name (and/or logo) on their releases (which were possibly outsourced to other publishers). It's unknown if they're still operating under this moniker (or at all).

They probably had access to a CD pressing plant, since their own disc releases are pressed discs rather than burned and have custom full colour labeling on them.

Websites Edit

In 2001, Kudos owned (or was involved with) two gaming-related websites:

  •, the main website, which contained gaming news, reviews and demos and a bulletin board forum. It was advertised on most releases prior to its deletion. The name roughly translates to "", referring to the original purpose of the studio.
  •, a file hosting server that contained demos and videos linked on

According to the Wayback Machine both websites launched in mid-2001, and in mid-2005 both were offline. The former redirected to a "404 Not found" error page of the original host and has then been on sale since, while the latter was sold twice: first to a game community that took the name, then to an unrelated game company (which took the name a second time) in late 2006.

They were also linked to another company (possibly a distributor),, which was a website advertised alongside on later releases. It also went offline in late 2005.

Games Edit

A product catalog of dated January 2005 (MS Excel File) includes games for the Sega Dreamcast and the Sony PlayStation, including "official" games, translations, and compilations, for a total of 1017 items available for sale.

The link between Kudos and the website suggests that most (if not all) translations were done by the studio and distributed by (or through) the website until its closure.

Although not included in this catalog, translations of multiple PS2 games are known to exist, and don't reference any of the websites mentioned. They usually contain a loader before the game with a language selection between English and Russian.

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