Kuk Je Academy
Origin South Korea
Years Around 1991
Consoles Famicom
Published games by Sachen

Kuk Je Academy (국제 아카데미) was a South Korean company that released a handful Famicom games and a console bearing their operating name. All their releases consists of games they licensed from Sachen.

Games Edit

Little is known about Kuk Je Academy games. They advertised a part of their products in a GameWorld June 1991 issue but without any cartridges shown. Some were translated to Korean, others were untouched compared to their original Taiwanese release. The size of their catalog suggests their business was short lived.



  • K-001 English, Pyramid - Translated to Korean.
  • K-002 Magic Mathematics - Same as the Sachen release.
  • K-003 Olympic I.Q. - Translated to Korean.


  • K-00? Magic Cube - Sachen release contains a hidden Kuk Je copyright screen but no known copies have ever surfaced.


  • K-007 Kuk Je Academy - Rebranded Ending Man S-500 console.


  • The games were sold with Sachen boxes that were translated in Hangul. The manual was the same for all of the three released titles.
  • They were the first company to release Famicom games in Hangul.

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