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Lady Frog
The intro of the Attract Mode.
Publisher Mondial Games
Developer Mondial Games
Console Arcade
Date 1990
Engine Cycle Shooting / Taito
Sound engine Cycle Shooting / Taito

Lady Frog is an action game developed and published by Mondial Games, released in 1990 for Arcade machines.


You control a frog which wants to get at other side of an river. You must do it five times while avoiding cars and other vehicles. After bringing the same frog five times, you can play a Bonus Stage where you can shoot hearts falling down the screen with a single button. In the second stage, this time, the frog needs to get to another floor of a building, avoiding common obstacles such as balls, vases and bugs. After reaching to the another floor five times, another Bonus Stage will play with the same purpose again. After that, the game loops back to Stage 1 with enhanced difficulty.


  • The game concept is based on Frogger. However, the game recycles the font, sound engine, musics, SFX and, possible, speech from Cycle Shooting, an light gun shooting game made by Taito in 1986. The hardware is largely the same used on the original game as well, minus the Sub CPU;
  • Another game, called Touche Me, features same stolen assets from Cycle Shooting as well. There is a chance of Mondial Games being both the developer and publisher of these two games, as Touche Me lacks any copyright info in the whole game;
  • Despite having an shooting segment in this game compared to Cycle Shooting, Lady Frog uses its own Joystick instead of a dedicated light gun.