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Lego Pirates of the Caribbean is an unlicensed Mega Drive game made by BMB in Summer 2014. It's based on the movie series and legitimate video game of the same name.


LEGO Pirates of the Carribbean screenshot

A screenshot of the game.

It has two gameplay modes. In the first mode, you play as Captain Jack Sparrow who collects silver coins and shoots enemies with a gun.

You start off with one continue. Once you lose all your lives you will be sent to the continue screen which acts like a in-game shop, as opposed to the other BMB's games where there are the usual Да (Yes) and Нет (No) choices. The player can buy continues (for 500 coins) or lives (for 250 coins). However the price are too expensive, making difficult borrow a continue or a life if you lose in the first stages. If you press start to exit from the shop when there're continues left, the game automatically uses a continue and let you continue the game where you lost, making it a forced Да. But if you press start to exit from the shop when there aren't continues left, the game will sent you to the Game Over screen, making it a forced Нет.

In the second mode, you steer a pirate ship and try to prevent it from crashing.



  • Concept art of Monarch's Tomb from Lego Universe (Used in the Game Over screen)
  • Super Mario All-Stars: Super Mario Bros. 3


  • Harukamei Kasumo - Screwtitles
  • Karbofos - Dejavu
  • Linde - Skelett i garderoben
  • Star Fox - Corneria
  • Top Gun: The Second Mission - Mission #2
  • Warlord - Overheated