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|'''''Tanks: New Battle '''''(Танки: Новая битва)<br />aka ''Tanks 2in1''
|[] []
|An unlicensed Battle City clone with, possibly, [,29485.0.html totin's port of the actual Battle City] inserted as a bonus.
|'''''[[Tiny Toon Adventures 3]]'''''
|'''''[[Tiny Toon Adventures 3]]'''''

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This is a list of unlicensed or pirate original games that are not dumped or available online as a ROM image. This also includes games that are dumped but only shared privately.


Completely undumped games

Name Company Year Links Notes
Ex-Hummer Team members 2005 This multicart includes some yet undumped pirate originals, most notably Titenic, which was later used as the base for Harry's Legend.
Bai-Bai Dino Hijet Technology Inc./C&E? [1] [2] [3]
Destroyer NTDEC 1992 [4]
Dooly Bravo Land (둘리 브라보랜드) Fun Fun Club (Daou Infosys) 1992 [5] [6]
Dragon Fighter Flying Star [7] Features Bruce Lee and characters from Mortal Kombat and Samurai Shodown
Janggun-ui Adeul (장군의 아들)
aka Street Hero, The General's Son
Fun Fun Club (Daou Infosys) 1992 [8] [9] [10] US version of "Street Hero" still remains unreleased, but a prototype exists
Magic Kid Googoo
aka Dosuldongja Googoo (도술동자 구구)
Zemina 1992 [11]
Master Fighter VI' Someri Team (Yoko Soft) 1993 [12] [13]
Mei Shao Nu Meng Gong Chang
aka Bisyoujyo Yume Kou Jyou
Sachen [14] Port of Princess Maker which was originally released for the PC.
aka Yè Míng Zhū (夜明珠)
Waixing 1996 [15]
Pokemon Diamond Hengge Dianzi [16]
Super Gun NTDEC [17]
Xīn Bāo Qīng Tiān II (新包青天Ⅱ)
aka Super Justice King, Bāo Qīng Tiān (包青天)
Waixing? [18] Fighting game.

Undumped alternate versions of dumped games

Name Company Year Links Notes
Asder PC-95 NTDEC 1995 [19]


The dumped version of the ROM is in Arabic. Other versions in English, Portugese and Polish are known to exist.
Mortal Kombat II Yoko (Cony Soft) 1994 [21] Possibly the first version of Yoko's Mortal Kombat.
Pokey NTDEC 1989 [22] Main game and all mini-games appear separately on Asder 20-in-1.
Street Blaster IV Pro 10 Cony Soft 1993 [23] Apparently adds Balrog and Vega to the roster of characters.
World Heroes 2 Pro Cony Soft 1994 [24] Alternate version of World Heroes 2.
Xiao Ma Li Nei-Hu Electronics [25] Uses a brighter colour palette than the dumped version.

Game Boy/Game Boy Color

All GBC games unless otherwise specified.

Completely undumped games

Name Company Year Links Notes
2003 Crash II Advance Sintax [26] [27] .
2003 Digimom Sapphii Sintax [28] Listed with the same storyline as Pocket Monster Saphire, could be an alternate version of that game.
2003 Digimon Fighted Sintax [29]
2003 Lord of the Rings Sintax [30]
2003 Pocket Monster Carbuncle
aka Pocket Monster Ruby
Sintax 2003 [31] [32] Same as Pocket Monster Saphire with some different graphics.
Beast Fighter Sachen 2000 Old Mega Duck port. Non-color.
Binary Monster Gowin Non-color.
Capcom vs SNK: Millennium Fight 2001 [33] [34]
Chāojí Gédòu 2001 α (超級格鬥2001α)
aka Super Fighter 2001 Alpha
Vast Fame
Devil Land Vast Fame Castlevania-esque game, appeared on Silver Version 12 in 1.
Digimon Amethyst: The Dangerous Journey of Devildom Sintax [35] [36] Hack of Donkey Kong 5
Digimon Crystal II Sintax [37] Listed with the similar storyline to Pocket Monster Saphire, could be an alternate version of that game.
Digimon Emerald [38]
Digimon Pocket Vast Fame An RPG using the same engine as Pocket Monster Ruby. Not to be confused with Yong Yong's game of the same name. Appears on Silver Version 12 in 1 in Chinese, but an English version may also exist.
Digimon Sapphire
aka Digimon Saphire
Vast Fame [39]
Digimon Yellow Jade [40] [41]
Digital Drachen 7: Dämonwelt Sintax [42]
Donkey Kong 5: The Journey Of Over Time And Space Sintax/BBD [43] [44] [45] Not to be confused with Yong Yong's Donkey Kong 5. Also released in German, or at least with German packaging
Final Fantaxy IX TD Software [46]
Harry Boy The Second Edition: The secretx of the chamber of secrets Sintax/BBD [47]
Little Taichi: The adventrure of myth Sintax [48]
Monster Dragon Tactics Card Good Life
Nǚwáng Gédòu 2000 (女王格鬥2000)
aka Queen Fighter 2000, Queen of Fighters, Gals Fighters
Vast Fame
Pocket Monster Ruby
aka Pokémon Ruby Version
Vast Fame [49] [50]
Pocket Monster Saphire
aka Pokémon Sapphire Version
Sintax? [51] [52] Same as 2003 Pocket Monster Carbuncle with some different graphics
Pocket Monsters Stadium King of Fighters(Bronze) Good Life
Shaoling Legend: Hero, the saver
aka Fantasic ShaoLin Kungfu
Sintax Basically a graphic hack True Three Kingdoms
Sheng Shou Wu Yu Vast Fame 2001
Space Baby Sintax [53]
Spiderman 3 Movie Version Sintax [54]
Star War Episode II: Battle among cloned humans Sintax [55]
Street Fighter Zero 4 [56]
The Story of Lasama Gowin Appears in glitched form on Silver Version 12 in 1.
Street Heroes Sachen 2000 [57] Port of the NES/Famicom game of the same name.
Super Robot Wars F Final Vol.2 SKOB
Super Sonik II Sintax [58]
Terrifying 911 Hitek [59] Metal Slug clone with a story based off 9/11. Not to be confused with The Beet Terrif Battle of 2002.
Wùkōng Wài Zhuàn: Wǔ Dòu Piān (悟空外傳 武鬥篇)
aka Dragon Ball Final Bout
Xīn Fēng Shén Bǎng (新封神榜)
aka Apotheosis
Vast Fame 2002 An RPG, appears on Silver Version 12 in 1.
Zook Z
aka Rockman Z, Lù Kè Yīng Xióng Z (路克英雄Z)
Vast Fame [61] [62] [63]

Undumped alternate versions of dumped games

Name Company Year Links Notes
The Beet Terrif Battle of 2002
aka Startled 911
BBD [64] Alternate version of the dumped Metal Slug 2001, in English with a new intro based off 9/11.
Crystal Age Sintax/Benco Technology [65] Appears to be the English version of Saishuu Gensou; the Chinese and English titles are linked in the Chinese copyright database. [66]
Dragonball fighting game (title unknown) Fiver Firm The dumped version of this, "Dragonball Fight 2005", is a title hack.
Harry Potter 3 (original version) Vast Fame? 2002 [67] Dumped version is a title hack
Ice Age II English version Sintax [68]
King of Fighters R2 (original version) SKOB The dumped version of this, "King of Fighters 2003", is a title hack.
Rockman X4 Yong Yong 2000 Hack of Rockman 8.
Rocman X Gold Sachen Alternate version of Thunder Blast Man (GBC version).
Soul Falchion (alternate version) Vast Fame 2002 Possibly the Taiwanese release. Different music and title screen, appears on Silver Version 12 in 1.
True Thre Kingdoms Sintax/BBD [69] [70] Alternate version of the dumped "San Goku Shi Act C".
Zook Hero 2 (original version) Vast Fame All dumped versions have "Rockman X3" titles or similar, Zook Hero 2 is the original.

Game Boy Advance

Name Company Year Links Notes
Crash Bandicoot IV
aka Crash Advance IV
Vast Fame/Sintax? [71]
Digimon Ruby
aka Digimon Rury
Vast Fame/? 2003 [72]


RPG, released in both English and Chinese versions.
Digimon Sapphire Vast Fame [74]
Digimon Zhi Hong Lan Dui Jue Vast Fame/Sintax? [75] Chinese title of the game actually reads 口袋妖怪 Kǒudài yāoguài, which means "Pocket Monsters". Probably a hack of a Digimon-titled version.
Mo Jie Qi Bing Vast Fame 2002
Pokemon XD Sintax [76] Seen in a Taiwanese auction, seller called it "Pokemon Gold".
Rayman IV
aka Rayman: Der Sonneschein auf der Reise
[77] [78]
Rockman & Crystal Vast Fame 2003 [79]
Sonic 3: Fighter Sonic [80]


Star Wars 3(?) Seen for sale in Turkey around 2003, apparently a Space Invaders clone?

Mega Drive/Genesis

Name Company Year Links Notes
Biohazard 3
Bomboy Gamtec 1993 [82]
Lei Dian Chuan Shuo II (雷電傳說 II)
aka Thunderbolt II
Gamtec/Super Chip/Sun Green [83] [84]
Madagascar 3 Hack of We're Back: A Dinosaur's Tale
Magic 7 Block Gamtec [85]
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition [86]
Need for Speed: Undercover Hack of Turbo Outrun
Pokémon II Tomsoft? [87] Not the existing Pocket Monster II, but a hack of Harry Potter.
Shizen Mahjong Sachen
Soul Edge vs Samurai Spirits
aka Final Samurai, Shì Hún V (侍魂V), Soul Euge vs Sumurai Spirits
X-Boy (publisher) [88]
Spongebob Squarepants Hack of Cool Spot
Super Poker
aka Spuer Poker
Super Mario World 64
aka Super Mario Bros. IV
Avatar [89]
Tiny Toon Adventures 3 Gamtec [90]
Zhōng Guó Xiàng Qí (中國象棋)
aka Chinese Chess
Realtec/Dragons Team [91]

Super Famicom/SNES

Name Company Year Links Notes
A Bug's Life DVS Electronics [92] Port of the Mega Drive pirate of the same name.

Digimon Adventure
aka Digimon

Vast Fame? [93] [94]
Hercules [95] Port of the Mega Drive pirate Hercules 2, itself a port of Hercules Action Game for the PS.

Mortal Kombat 2000

[96] Port of the Mega Drive pirate MK5 Mortal Combat Sub Zero, itself a port of Mortal Kombat Mythologies for the PS.

Soul Edge VS Samurai Spirits aka ''Soul Blade VS Samurai Spirits

DVS Electronics [97] Port of the Mega Drive pirate Samurai Spirits II with one additional character from Soul Blade
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