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This is a list of licensed Famicom/NES games that have been pirated and go under a different name; whether the game's title was actually hacked (and nothing else major changes about the game) or only the cartridge art uses a different name.

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Games whose titles were changed in-game

Original Game Alternate Titles Links Notes
1942 Star Wars: Episode I [1] Shows up on the 200 in 1 Super Game multicart.
Donkey Kong 3 Gorilla 3 Name likely changed for copyright reasons.
Ghostbusters II Ghostbusters III
King's Knight Lord of the Ring Shows up on the 9 in 1 Super Game multicart.
Mario Bros. Mr. Mary Name likely changed for copyright reasons.
Pac-Man Goblin Name likely changed for copyright reasons.
Super Mario Bros. "2" [2] Title has no real name, just a poorly drawn picture of Mario next to a castle, and the number 2. Single cartridges with the game often feature no game title on the front.
Super Mario Bros.:The Lost Levels. (also known as Super Mario Bros 2. in Japan) "3" Sequel to 2, modify the tittle screen with sprites from Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser and 2 Cheep Cheeps. Some graphics are a bit glitched and the name of Mario is changed to Rambo
Super Mario Bros. 2 (also known as Super Mario USA in Japan) Super Bros. 2, Super Bros. 5 [3]


Appears to be based on the PAL version rather than the NTSC version. Super Bros. 2 changes the copyright to "CTC". Super Bros. 5 changes the copyright to "ECE" and changes the year to 1991. Super Bros. 5 is often found under the Super Wonderful Mario label.
Blaster Master Back to the Future IV
Werewolf: The Last Warrior "Crash Bandicoot 4" A simple title screen hack. Only seen on a PocketNES conversion. Not to be confused with the 2020 video game.

Games whose titles are only different on the labels

Original Game Alternate Titles Links Notes
Banana Prince Sonic / Sonison
Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa Mario Baby Conversion of the Famicom Disk System version to NES; the actual NES release came after the pirate.
Doki! Doki! Yuuenchi Disneyland / Disney 2 / Disney 3
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Specia [5] This cart label is also used for Super Donkey Kong - Xiang Jiao Chuan as well as pirated carts for Toki.
Gimmick! (also known as Mr. Gimmick outside of Japan) Shui Guan Pipe V [6] Removes copyrights (which also triggers the anti-piracy routine), uses a different mapper that doesn't support Sunsoft 5B, resulting in missing sound channels. DPCM samples also appear to be broken.
The Goonies Harry Legend / Contra 6 Both only remove the title screen without other changes.
Kero Kero Keroppi 2 Toads Mario
The "Toads Mario" name appeared on single-cartridges in the 90s, while the "Frogger" name appeared mainly in 2000s multicarts and plug & plays.
Mario is Missing! Super Mario 9 Possibly done on accident originally, but eventually picked up by other pirates and released under the title multiple times.
Toki (also known as JuJu Densetsu in Japan) Donkey Kong Specia/Donkey Kong Delux [7]/[8] Both cart labels are also used for Super Donkey Kong - Xiang Jiao Chuan. The Donkey Kong Specia label has also been used for pirated carts for Donkey Kong.

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