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The Sharp X68000 version of Macintosh is developed by a unknown developer and released on Japanese Bulletin Board Systems in the early to late 90's. Rather than a port or a conversion, it's a unauthorized emulation of Macintosh. Interesting to note is that It's believed among the Mac community to be the oldest Macintosh emulator known to exist.


It's nearly identical to the original software it's based on. the software itself, is based on Macintosh plus. As seen from the video below, the emulation is faithful to the original software minus a few emulation issues and a noticeable green tint but that could be due to the X68000's limitations at the time this was released. Sound emulation is not working normally. As of the writing of this article, the program is currently undumped, and its whereabouts are currently unknown.



  • The Sharp X68000 version of Macintosh does have a work sound emulation version, color version and support expansions such as Printed circuit board type, SCSI system and AppleTalk. But it's unknown how well it supports said expansions
  • Found in "Backup conjugation technique" (Japanese: バックアップ活用テクニック) #37 magazine. [1]