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Mafia (Мафия) is a Russian Mega Drive hack of Dick Tracy. Since the title screen image is taken from Mafia 2, it was probably made to coincide with the release of that game.


  • When the ROM is opened in a hex editor, near the beginning, the ROM contains the year 2010.
  • The palette for Dick Tracy wasn't changed in the bonus game.
  • It also says For BMB when opened with a hex editor, so it was most likely made by them.
  • When opened in a hex editor above the text for the story screen it says "CONSOLE DIVISION PRESENTS: CHUCK ROCK 2"
  • The story screen says, "After what he has learned, he wants to overcome the mafia syndicate and eventually get even wth the most influential mafia boss!".
  • The game description on the back of the box translates to, "Mafia" is diving in merciless and intriguing a world promising many sharp sensations in the world of this game you can find all you can dream of in the world of real gangsters: dozens of game zones, opportunities, firing through walls, skirmishes, and explosions with the rolling machines... you can break almost everything that gets in your path along the way: from the gangster buddy that drives up on oncoming cars. From the screen its simply impossible to look away this is America's reality 30s will overwhelm you, because in this game every small transmitting part unique atmosphere and style that time. "NOT SUPPORTED: MD PORTABLE 360".