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Magic Giral
Magicgiral gameplay.png
Publisher RCM Group
Developer Hwang Shinwei
Cart ID(s) GG05
Console Famicom, NES
Date 1990-1991
Sound engine Hwang Shinwei
Alternate names/hacks Wildball

Magic Giral, also known as Wildball, 美女拳 or 野球拳 is a Famicom port of Super Pig's Emi's Hot Strip Game made by Hwang Shinwei in 1991. It is a rock-paper-scissors game (Yakyūen) where the player gets to remove a clothing of Emi-chan by winning a round until she ends up naked.


  • The Magic Giral name is used on the single cartridge cover as well as on the Tetris Family covers. While Wildball was solely used on the Golden Game multicarts such as the 260 in 1 Multicart. 野球拳 (Yakyūen) is the title given to the game during gameplay and lastly 美女拳 is a subtitle for the game that appears on the single cartridge cover.