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Mahjong Block
Mahjong Block's title screen.
Publisher Super Mega (Idea-Tek), TXC, Hacker International, AVE, HES
Developer Idea-Tek
Cart ID(s) MGC-008 (Mahjong Block), MGC-012 (Poke Block)
Console Famicom, NES
Date 1991
Alternate names/hacks AV Dragon Mahjong
Majohn Block
Poke Block

Mahjong Block is a puzzle game developed and originally developed and published by Idea-Tek through the Super Mega brand. It was later modified and published by other companies such as Hacker International and AVE.


Hacker International released an adult version named AV Dragon Mahjong. The game adds a few rewarding pictures with some Japanese text. Upon buying Idea-Tek, TXC released it again as well as a western version named Poke Block. AVE and HES released Stakk'm, an updated version of Poke Block on the Maxivision 15-in-1 multicart.