Mario 16
Mario 16 title
Title screen.
Hack of Joe & Mac
Original developer Data East
Console Famicom
Date 1993 / 1996
Mario 16 is a hack of Joe & Mac and was released on the Famicom.




Like most hacks, the title screen and player graphics were altered, to incorporate graphics from Super Mario Bros. 3. Joe's sprites were replaced with those of Mario's. Most other sprites and tiles in the game are identical. The palettes were not altered, however, and so the colors are noticeably off.

Mario starts with 10 lives (unlike 3 in the original). The game was released in 1993 and rereleased in 1996.



  • PCB manufacture code reads 810936C, which translates to September '93.
  • This game was reviewed at Dendy: The New Reality show, with Joe & Mac. Then viewers start to talk if that was original or hack.
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