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Mario 3: Around the World
Mario 3 - Around the World 000
Hack of Mario 4: A Space Odyssey
Publisher Unknown
Developer Unknown
Console Genesis
Date 2010(?)

Mario 3: Around the World (Маrio 3: Вокруг Света [Vokrug Sveta]) is a sequel (and possible hack) of Mario 4: Space Odyssey made by an unknown Russian company.


According to a translation of the story screens, the story is that the Mushroom Kingdom is resting peacefully until a mysterious cloud appears over the horizon. The cloud has taken Princess Peach to another part of the world. There is no final boss, unlike the last game. The game only consists of three worlds, which are based off of Egypt, Aztec, and Antarctica.


  • One of the game's death sounds appears to be an off-key remake of the death sound from Castlevania.
  • Judging by the usage of images lifted from other media (such as t-shirts) and usage of many chiptune songs, one can suspect that the game may have been developed by homebrew developers, possibly in Russia.


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