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This article is about the Game Boy Advance game by Sintax. For the hack of F-1 Race for the Famicom by Nice Code Software, see Mario Kart.

Mario Cart (馬利歐飛車) is a bootleg original Game Boy Advance racing game made by Sintax. It uses the same engine as another Sintax game, Disney Cart.


Despite the game's name, it is a side-scrolling racing game with air jetcrafts. It features 4 playable characters: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Toad. There are 4 stages in the game: outer space, a city, an ocean area, and the sky. There are coins and other items scattered around the courses that the characters can pick up. Flashing bombs and missiles can be collected and used as weapons. Collecting stars gives you a short speed boost.



  • The game was released in both Chinese and English. The only notable difference between the two versions is the language used for the title on the title screen.
  • The game steals assets from Mario Kart: Super Circuit. The background in the character select screen is taken from Iridion II.
  • All music in this game is directly taken and remixed from various Game Boy Color games developed by unlicensed game developer Vast Fame. In particular, the game uses music from Super Fighter 2001 Alpha, Bai Wan Da Fu Weng Jin Ban, Soul Falchion, and Shi Kong Xing Shou.

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