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This article is about the hack of F-1 Race for the Famicom by Nice Code Software. For the Game Boy Advance game by Sintax, see Mario Cart.

Mario Kart is a hack of F-1 Race for the Famicom. It was developed by Nice Code Software, and is known to have appeared on at least one Famiclone system—the Family Karaoto.


Mario Kart changes F-1 Race's three courses to the Mushroom (spelled in-game as "MUSHRQOM"), Flower, and Lightning Cups, and allows the player to play as either Mario or Luigi. The race track layouts are entirely different, and all of the opponents resemble Mario and Luigi.

The graphics are primarily adapted from Mario Kart: Super Circuit, with the character sprites and track details coming from that game. Each "cup" uses graphics from the first track in the equivalent Super Circuit cup: the Mushroom Cup from Peach Circuit, the Flower Cup from Mario Circuit, and the Lightning Cup from Luigi Circuit. The title screen, on the other hand, adapts its graphics from the main promotional artwork for Mario Kart 7, dating this hack to 2011 at the earliest.

Compared to F-1 Race, Mario Kart is overall laggier and more sluggish. None of F-1 Race's music returns; the only music audible is custom music composed by Nice Code Software in its own distinctive style.


Mario kart nes

Mario Kart's title screen.