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Mary Forever is a Super Mario clone for Android made by an Unknown company at the end of 2014.


The game itself is a mobile Super Mario clone. In this game, you play as Luigi with altered clothing. As you traverse through 8 worlds to rescue the Princess (Peach lookalike) from Bowser. The game plays like a cutdown version of the original Super Mario Bros though with several differences like the lack of mushrooms and fireballs being stored in a counter (200 on start). Fire Flowers only add another 8 fireballs to the counter). There's also microtransactions which allow you to buy extra lives, fireballs, HP, and an alternate character.


  • There are unused sprites for Mario left in the game, possibly before deciding to use the Panda character to replace him.
  • Luigi has a bandanna on during gameplay despite having sprites without one. Possibly to avoid any legal action from Nintendo.
  • The game uses stolen Mario renders with the title screen being taken from Super Mario Galaxy and the logo is a combination of the Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario Sunshine logos.