The Mega Drive Portable is an handheld gaming console that resembles an Nintendo Gameboy Advance.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Mega Drive Portable itself comes with the unit itself, 4 triple-A batteries, an "5-in-1" game cartridge, an pair of earphones, an small black pouch with the "Mega Drive Portable" branding, an charger, an A/V cable for playing on a TV, an instructions manual and a guide with images of variants of the Mega Drive Portable (Mega Drive Ultimate, Mega Drive Micro, Mega Drive 3D, Mega Drive SP and Mega Drive Mobile) and images of covers for the games for said handheld console. The menu that is accessed upon turning on the console is incredibly useless, as the "Settings" menu doesn't affect the device itself and the buttons' text being mixed up.

List of games[edit | edit source]

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In this list of games, there is an list of games included in the game cartridge bundled with the handheld.

  1. General Chaos
  2. Desert Strike
  3. Caliber Fifty
  4. Eswat
  5. Micro Machines

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to the guide included in the box, they are images of variants of the Mega Drive Portable, like the Mega Drive Ultimate (variant that has 6 buttons and a different design), the Mega Drive Micro (variant that resembles an Game Boy Micro), the Mega Drive 3D (which is the unit itself), the Mega Drive SP (resembles an GBA SP) and finally the Mega Drive Mobile.
  • Many game cartridges were released for the Mega Drive Portable, but a few of them were rare to find while some are bootleg games, mostly games made by BMB.
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