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This page is description Meng Huan Zhi Xing Information. [1]


(In English) The earth is the third planet of the solar system. It is a sand desertification. The sand desertification is getting worse every year. It is gradually unsuitable for human habitation. Recently, weather abnormalities, plant reduction, low yield, etc., the life of the planet itself is losing, half a year ago. The crustal changes are fierce, and new types of monsters have also appeared abnormally. "Hunter" Wesley was ordered to investigate the incident and found a great conspiracy. In order to save the earth, he launched a series of battles with the devil.

(In Chinese) 地球是太陽系的第三行星,是一片砂漠化的大地砂漠化年年加重,漸漸不適合人類居住,最近又發生天氣異常,植物減少,出産率低下等等,星球本身的生命正在流失著,半年前地殻變動激烈,新種類的怪獸也異常的出現了。 『獵人』魏斯理奉命調査比一事件,發現了極大的陰謀,他為了要拯救地球,於是和惡魔展開了一串戰鬥。

Different Modes[]

Normal mode (一般模式): Wesley(魏斯理) Lv.1 HP/MP=8/4

Invisible mode (無敵模式): Wesley(魏斯理) Lv.16 HP/MP=128/64,Others Lv.1 HP/MP=64/32

Every level 1 HP plus 8, MP plus 4. There are 5 people in the game, only 3 battles. The battle can escape, the failure can escape straight success.

List of Magic[]

Name (English) Name (Chinese) MP Description
To shoot with great precision 百步穿楊 3 Inflicts 12 damage.
Sword breaking through the sky 劍破蒼穹 4 Inflicts 10 damage.
Forbidden seal 封魔符 5 The enemy unable to use the spell.
Cyclone arrow 旋風矢 5 Inflicts 15 damage.
Pneumatic arrow 氣動箭 6 Inflicts 12 damage.
Optimus prime skill 擎天術 8 Inflicts 14 damage.
Inflammation 炎殺 8 Inflicts 14 damage.
Sudden and violent thunder 疾雷 8 Inflicts 16 damage.
Maniac arrow 狂囂箭 10 Inflicts 15 damage.
Whirlwind arrow 颶風矢 10 Inflicts 50 damage.
Three flavors of real fire 三味真火 12 Inflicts 18 damage.
Changhong cross 長虹貫日 12 Inflicts 20 damage.
Angry swordl 怒劍式 12 Inflicts 35 damage.
Five thunder incantation 五雷咒 15 Inflicts 20 damage.
Ten thousand swords 萬劍訣 15 Inflicts 25 damage.
Heaven thunder broke 天雷破 20 Inflicts 35 damage.
Revive incantation 還魂咒 30 Revives one ally and restores HP.

In get magic, player must be kill monsters. Magic can get from monsters. It's dropping in random. The party member can only learn magic for four spells.

List of Item[]

Name (English) Name (Chinese) Price Description
Jinchuang medicine 金創藥 Can't buy in shop Restores 15 HP.
Taiyi elixir of life 太乙仙丹 Can't buy in shop Restores 20 HP.
Millennium Snow Ginseng 千年雪參 Can't buy in shop Restores 40 HP.
Moonlight ring 月影戒指 32 Restores 10 MP.
Rat fruit 鼠兒果 32 Restores 15 MP.
Tathagata beads 如來玉珠 32 Restores 20 MP.
Purple ganoderma 紫靈芝 32 Restores 25 MP.
Yao chi prunus persica 瑤池蟠桃 48 Restores 30 HP MP.
Tianxiang holy oil 天香神膏 Can't buy in shop Fully restores HP.
Cinnabarite seal 硃砂符印 64 Fully restores HP and MP.
Xuantian holy water 玄天聖水 64 Revives one ally and restores half HP.
Purple grass 紫胡草 80 Cures Poison.
Yat-Sen grass 逸仙草 80 Cures Silence.
Bell cymbal 銅鑼鈸 Can't buy in shop Broken sleep.
Dragon snake gallbladder 龍蛇膽 Can't buy in shop Raises power of attack by 2 point.
Power liquor 力量之酒 Can't buy in shop Raises power of attack by 3 point.
Gale seed 疾風種子 64 Raises speed by 1 point.
Swift nectar 神速花蜜 64 Raises speed by 5 point.
Plastron 護心鏡 64 Raises defense by 10 point.
Crystal goggles 水晶護鏡 32 Raises defense by 15 point.
Defensive fruit 防禦果實 64 Raises defense by 5 point.
Protector golden elixir pill 護元金丹 80 Raises defense by 2 point.
Sariputta 舎利子 144 Increases that ally's level by one.
Burst grenade 爆燄彈 32 Inflicts severe damage for monster.
Thunder incantation 轟雷咒 64 Inflicts severe damage for monster.
Condensation seal 凝玉符 64 Inflicts severe damage for monster.
Bizarre grass 奇異草 48 To poison monster.
Clavicle needle 鎖骨針 Can't buy in shop Dead monster.
Curse seal 封咒法符 Can't buy in shop Silences monster.
Amulet 隠身符 Can't buy in shop Disappear from monsters for a while.

Item can get from shop and monsters. In get some of item, player must be kill monsters. It's dropping in random. The party member can only have four item.