Metal Gear Solid II

Metal Gear Solid II
He Jin Zhuang Bei II Unlicensed Chinese Fixed 1554605526388.png

Title screen.
Publisher Sintax
Developer Sintax
Console Game Boy Color
Date After 2001

Metal Gear Solid 2/Metal Gear 2 (合金裝備II) is an unlicensed video game for the Game Boy Color developed by Chinese video game developer Sintax sometime around 2001. The game is ripping off the rather popular Metal Gear video game series, though this bootleg's beat-'em-up style of gameplay greatly differs from the stealth that the original Metal Gear franchise typically offered. This bootleg was only released in parts of Asia, specifically Taiwan.


Screenshot of the Colonel explaining the mission briefing.

The game starts with a communication between Colonel Campbell and Mei Ling explaining the mission briefing of the game. Translated, the text of the entire scenario reads: The Federal Institute's High-tech weapon "alloy equipment" was stolen. After Investigation, it was confirmed by the international terrorist organization base. We must get back the stolen weapons! After the Colonel finishes the briefing of the mission, Mei Ling's dialogue begins: Competent candidates have been found. This is their information, please make a decision.

Character Select Screen

There are a total of four different playable characters to choose from in the game: Solid Snake (Sneek), Meryl Silverburgh (Miria), Master Miller (Black Volcano), and Gray Fox. Every character has their advantages and disadvantages just as they all have their strengths and weaknesses during gameplay. For example, there is Gray Fox's ability to attack amazingly fast, or Miller's high strength in combat.

After selecting any of the four characters, you are given a choice to listen to the next screen of communication that says: "Want to receive information?" If you choose 'Yes', the Colonel will be here to give you more dialogue explaining your objectives. If you choose 'No', you will be directed to the world map.

If you were to select 'Yes', the Colonel will talk to the character you have chosen: "If you find the map, you can't do it. Solid, the colonel can hear it. Looking at the past, the mountains are over the mountains. As I know, the base is divided into six parts by mountains and lakes, but the two parts are adjacent. If there are two places connected, it will be not so hard for you, but enough to deal with. I still feel that if I don't have to climb the mountain, it's not good to climb, and I have some sports that are not good enough recently. ! I will tell you this time again: The METAL GEAR researcher who rescued the kidnapped frame from the underground library got the METAL GEAR secret fund to find a helicopter there and there is a heliport. I have a good idea! I am looking for a driver. Waiting for you here, you will save the researcher, okay? I have to act!"

World Map

World Map.png
A screenshot of the world map after the codec conversation.
After talking with the Colonel within broken translations, you will come across the world map. From here, there are two levels to choose from and a guard that seems to be keeping his post regardless of action. You can interact with the guard by speaking to him. The text box will then read: "I am sorry! If you don't find the map, you cannot go ahead!" There are two levels that can be entered from the world map: One level from the top left corner of the screen and another level at the bottom right corner of the screen. The level at the bottom right shows a heliport logo, which means that judging by the story, you are flying to the level objective while the other level's logo appears to be an underground facility. When you choose a level, you are greeted by Mei Ling with the text box reading a question that says: "Are you sure you want to record the game?" Selecting yes will record your game data over one of the two save files allowed. Selecting no will take you towards the level.


Level 1.png
Screenshot of the heliport level.
The game plays like a beat em' up, which is only half of what the official Metal Gear series has to offer. The game also features an RPG element where you can gain enough experience points to level up your selected character. The process can take a very long time and makes little difference in conclusion. While the game is paused, it will show more statistics than is shown on the main game screen. These include the name of the character, your lives, level, experience, and combat stats such as strength and agility. While fighting enemies, you can perform a several amount of 3 button input combos such as B, B, B, Down, Down, B, Down, Up, B, and Down, Right, B. This applies for all characters, but differ in animations. The game does have other levels and attributes, however. In total, this game can take up to about 4 hours to complete.


  • The game can take up to 4 hours to accomplish, due to the levels being ridiculously long for the sake of leveling up purposes. One stage can take up a good 10 minutes.
  • Gray Fox's Sprites can actually scale too large for the other models in the game. All of his movement animations are way too fast for the game and can collide with off screen enemies and can come off as a huge target for enemies to hit.
  • Meryl wields a dagger in the game, implying that she might be a professional in sword fighting.
  • Snake is the slowest in the game, while Gray Fox is the fastest. On a related note, Meryl is the weakest character, while Master Miller is the strongest.
  • The game can crash if you repeatedly pause and resume the game while playing.
  • The font used for this game is from ETen Chinese System (倚天中文系統). This font is also used in many old Taiwanese video games (notably DOS games) and other Sintax games.
  • Col. Campbell, Mei Ling, Solid Snake, and Master Kazuhira Miller's profiles were taken from their CODEC profiles, though Miller's was poorly edited to include some facial hair.
    • Contrast this with Meryl and Gray Fox's profiles, which seem to be taken from official art.
  • In a shocking turn of events, most of the heights and weights listed in the character profiles are contradictory to the characters' canon physical details.
    • More specifically, Snake's height is correct, but his canon weight is 75kg as opposed to the 72kg this game shows us. Meryl is canonically 175cm with an unspecified weight, while she's 168cm in this bootleg. Miller is canonically 183cm and 85kg, while this game would have you believe that he's 187cm and 92kg. Gray Fox's height is correct, but this game foolishly claims that his weight is 70kg as opposed to the canon's 85kg. The ages are also incorrect (Snake being listed as 36 rather than 33, Meryl being listed as 23 rather than 18, Miller being listed as 42 as opposed to him being in his late 50s), showing that the developers of this bootleg clearly did not do their research.
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