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Metal Slug 2001
Metal Gear 2001 - Title.png
Title screen.
Developer BBD
Console Neo Geo Pocket Color[citation needed], Game Boy Color
Date 2001
Alternate names/hacks Metal Slug
The Battle of Vietnam 2001

Metal Slug 2001 is a pirate game for the Game Boy Color released in 2001, based of Metal Slug 1st Mission with some aspects from the sequel.


The character starts with Gimlet, the levels are similar to 1st Mission. There are different bosses based on the original arcade game. The music is similar to several Mega Man games. Two versions exist; an incomplete ROM without the ending, less levels and bosses; and a full game with double the amount of levels, more bosses and an ending.


  • A 'Hudson' logo can be found in the game's data which was taken from Pocket Bomberman.

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