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Metal Slug X
Metalslugx gbc.png
Title screen.
Hack of Rock Hero Legend 3
Publisher Sintax
Developer BBD(?)
Console Game Boy Color
Date 2002
Sound engine Rockman World 2
Alternate names/hacks Yuenan Zhanyi X: Shenru Dihou

Metal Slug X (越南戰役X: 深入敵後) is a pirate game of Game Boy Color made by Sintax released in 2002. It is loosely based on the SNK Metal Slug series.


In the game you play only as Trevor Spacey from Metal Slug 4 though 9 linear levels. The gameplay is different to the official games as you can only shoot horizontally and you can oddly roll around in a ball (similar to the morph ball from the Metroid series.) Like the official games you can take weapons and have a health bar similar to Metal Slug Advance. Some enemies are original though others come from various official games. The music is lifted from the Game Boy game Rockman World 2 (Megaman 2 outside Japan) but plays at a much slower tempo.



  • The game seems to be a hack of a previous Sintax release, Rock Hero Legend 3 (also referred to as Zook Hero 3.) Aside from the player sprites and intro this particular release also features a level select.
  • The second to last boss appears to be X from Mega Man X. [1]


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