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Mi Hun Che (迷魂車), more commonly known as BB Car (屁屁車) or eventually Ecstasy Car and Super Car (奇妙車) is a port of Rally-X and New Rally-X made for the Famicom by Hwang Shinwei in 1988. It was originally published by Chi Chi Toy Co., Ltd under the Mi Hun Che and Super Car title. BB Car is a slight update released 3 years later, in 1991.



BB Car's gameplay. Note the PAC-MAN trails the car leaves behind in this round.

This game is a port of Namco's popular arcade games Rally-X and New Rally-X. The player drives around a giant maze while collecting flags and avoiding other cars until all of the flags have been collected. The player can also attack the enemies by dropping trails. Once the enemies crash into the traits, they will spin out for a few seconds and then go back to chasing the player. The player gets 3 lives, no continues, and a limited amount of fuel which decreases quicker while the trails are dropped. The graphics are similar to Rally-X and New Rally-X, but downgraded at points with the HUD being at the top of the screen as opposed to the right. The explosion upon losing a life appears as numerous tiny squares dotted around the player's car along with the music appearing to freeze briefly. Oddly, the car's trails' graphics change every level. The music isn't from Rally-X, New Rally-X, or in any of Hwang Shinwei's video games, and its origin is unknown.


  • Qi Miao Che and Mi Hun Che differ in the musical arrangement of the sole game musical track, the first seemingly being a slight update of the first. The title screen was also updated to account for the name change.
  • BB Car features more elaborated music, a level select and removes some of the in-game copyright text found in the border of some stages. Some cosmetic changes to the palettes and graphics were also done.


  • The Chinese title (which is also shared by Sachen's own port of Rally-X called Jovial Race) is what Rally-X is called in Chinese territories. More than that, New Rally-X would eventually be called New Jovial Race (even though there's no such thing as New Jovial Race or even a release date of a Jovial Race sequel from Sachen).