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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers III is a beat 'em up created for the Famicom by Hummer Team in 1995. It's a port of the SNES version of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.



The first level of Power Rangers III.

Unlike the game this is based off of, the player never advances through different areas on the stage, with each of them being about one and a half screens big with there being four of them in total. As well as this, the story was completely removed from this game. The engine is modified from one of Hummer Team's many pirated fighting games to make it so that multiple enemies appear in each stage. However, only one enemy appears at a time, likely done to prevent sprite flicker. Like the original game, there's no 2-player mode available. While there is a health bar for your player, there isn't one for any of the enemies or bosses. There are four levels of difficulty, although despite what the ending suggests, it's the same for each difficulty level.

The graphics are ported from Power Rangers on the SNES and downgraded, while the music is possibly based off the soundtrack from the original game with the exception of level 3's music which is reused from Mortal Kombat II and level 4's music coming from Sachen's World of Card. (one of the early games that Hummer Cheng worked with.)

A hack of this was released in 1996, named Power Rangers IV, based off Power Rangers: The Movie. It includes all of the levels from Power Rangers III and adds several of its own from that game, with the final level being a boss rush. Also, each of the Power Rangers on the character select screen are duplicated, this was possibly done to copy Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie's feature of having six playable rangers, as opposed to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers's five rangers.



  • On the character select screen, Kimberly's name is misspelled as "Kinbealy".
  • A small version of the J.Y. Company logo can be seen on a computer screen in the last level of Power Rangers III.
  • This is the first Hummer Team port that's not a full port of the original game, the others being Earthworm Jim 3 and Tiny Toon Adventures 6.