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Monster Dragon Tactics Card (Chinese title: 怪獸超武鬥 VS 卡片大對決 251P 完整收藏) is a currently undumped turn-based strategy card game for the Game Boy Color centered around the Pokémon franchise developed by Good Life and first released in 2001.


The game's playstyle and interface appear to be heavily influenced by the game Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories for the Game Boy Color, though due to core gameplay differences between the two games, such as the lack of trap and spell cards, players only receiving damage from direct attacks, and the ability to double your attack/defense power if you have an elemental advantage against your opponent, it is unlikely that this game is a hack of Dark Duel Stories or any particular Yu-Gi-Oh Game Boy game and was most likely instead built from scratch and is merely imitating the game. Card battles are much the same as in Dark Duel Stories, with your opponents being gym leaders from the original Pokémon Red and Blue games. Before you engage in battle with an opponent, a screen with their sprite set over a scrolling background that uses graphics from a town in Pokémon Red and Blue appears. Cards you duel with have art of Pokémon on them, though palette issues cause a lot of them to appear discolored.


  • An English version of this game was released on the Super Color 40-in-1 multicart, named "POKECARDSTADIUM" on the menu. The English name used in the game itself is currently unknown.
  • The box art steals the cover of Pocket Monsters Stadium 2 for Nintendo 64, albeit with a few peculiar edits to the Pokémon, possibly in a thinly-veiled attempt to avert copyright issues; these edits include giving Venusaur rosy cheeks, Blastoise a hippo-like face, Mewtwo long antenna ears, Charizard a pair of horns, and Meowth big fluffy ears. A similar cover is used for Good Life's other game, Pocket Monsters Pikachu Stadium.
  • This game uses music from Jinsei Game Densetsu for Game Boy by Takara. This soundtrack is also used in Good Life's Pocket Monsters Pikachu Stadium.