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Monster Go! Go! Go!! (怪獸GO!GO!GO!!) is a hack of the Game Boy game The Smurfs 3 released in the late 1990s for the Game Boy Color. The Smurfs 3 was originally only in monochrome, but was colorized in this hack - it was later re-released officially in color as The Smurfs Nightmare, and a subsequent version of the hack was based on this release.


Pocket Monsters GO!GO!GO! (Unl) -C--!- 05

Gameplay screenshot.

Almost all of the graphics from the original game are replaced, and so are the intro and ending text. The intro text is replaced by Meowth singing a poorly translated version of My Heart Will Go On by Céline Dion. Aside from the title screen, the game's use of color is limited, which gives it the appearance of a Super Game Boy game. The game suffers from extreme slowdown, running consistently at about half speed, possibly due to the colorization process. The level skip from the original The Smurfs Nightmare is disabled, and can only be accessed by changing bytes in the game's code.[1]

Pokemon Action Chapter[]

Kǒudài Guàishòu Dòngzuò Piān (口袋怪獸 動作篇), or Pokémon Action Chapter, is a hack of the colorized The Smurfs Nightmare release. Unlike Monster Go! Go! Go!!, most of the graphics are unchanged; it only replaces the title screen and Pikachu sprite, as well as other miscellaneous graphics. The intro text also remains intact.[2]

Monster Go! Go! II[]

Released some time later was a second Monster Go! Go! Go!! game, named Monster Go! Go! II (怪獸 GO! GO! II). This time, it is a hack of Kirby's Dream Land 2 (Kirby of the Stars 2 in Japan). It is less extensive than the first, only replacing Kirby himself and not any other elements. Like its predecessor, it is also converted to color, but does not seem to suffer from any slowdown. It is much rarer than the first, although it has since been dumped. Gameplay footage of it on real hardware is available online.[3]

The Pikachu Nightmare[]


The Pikachu Nightmare's title screen.

The Pikachu Nightmare is an entirely separate hack of The Smurfs Nightmare, possibly homebrew in origin, with a completely different Pikachu sprite and an only slightly modified title screen. If you perform the level skip like in the original The Smurfs Nightmare, the music will not play unless you go back to the title screen or beat the game.[4]


Monster Go! Go! Go!![]

Monster Go! Go! II[]



  • The game was reported on in Nintendo 64 Magazine in August 1999, meaning the game was released by that point [5]. It is unlikely it came any earlier than '99.
  • 怪獸 Go!Go! Go!! and its sequel were released in the same striped "New GB Color" carts as some of Vast Fame's earlier games. 怪獸Go!Go! Go!! also was released in a "Game Amy" cart, which a few Vast Fame games were known to be released in. 怪獸 Go!Go! Go!! also has a title screen that appears to have been drawn in PCPaint. Finally, both games are colorized hacks of monochrome Game Boy games, like Vast Fame's fighting games. These traits have in the past caused some to believe that Vast Fame was related to the creation of these games, however this is no longer commonly believed.
  • The commonly available ROM of Monster Go! Go! Go!! is a deprotection hack. The original release used copy protection and has not been properly dumped as of writing, although a ROM for a 256 KB underdump of the original protected release is available online.
    • Pokémon Action Chapter and Monster Go! Go! II also use copy protection, with the two games using the same copy protection scheme. This copy protection has since been reverse engineered and emulated, and both games are dumped in protected and deprotected forms, the latter being able to run in regular emulators.