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Monster World or 소닉친구너클즈 is a bootleg sonic game on Android made by LegendWolf and published on Google Play Store in June 29 2017.


When translated, the game's offical description says:

"One day, an obsidian emitting black light fell from the sky.

The once peaceful world was transformed by the magic of obsidian.

The magic of obsidian permeates the life around it, turning good creatures into gigantic monsters.

The magical power gradually spread, and eventually the world was turned into a world of monsters by obsidian.

However, there was one hero who was impervious to the power of obsidian.

The hero decides to destroy obsidian to save the world from changing.

Are you, the player, ready to save this world from the curse of obsidian?

Then destroy the obsidian now and save the world that has become a monster!"


In the title screen of the game there's Sonic and Knuckles in a forest, while Knuckles looks more like his normal self but with a low-poly model, Sonic completely looks blocky like a Minecraft character but with HD textures. The game has three stages which are Dragon Nest, Chicken House and lastly Zombie Cave. In the first level Dragon Nest  the player is Sonic while Knuckles follows him from the back, your objective is to get the obsidian in the middle of the map while avoiding creatures, the level takes place in a forest. In the second level Chicken House the player is Knuckles, it seems like this level is endless as it's similar to endless runner games where you have to avoid creatures and jump over obstacles, the level changes everytime it's replayed, this level takes place on a forest again. The third and the last level Zombie Cave takes place in somewhere like a maze where you have to avoid zombies, the player is Knuckles again, despite the loading screen for the level shows a obsidian in it, it can't be found in game which makes it impossible to beat the level.


  • The loading screen for Chicken Nest shows a logo of a company called "NaturalSoft" however, the publisher of the game is LegendWolf.
  • The game has been deleted from Google Play Store somewhere in 2018-2019 as the latest gameplay of it was on 10 December 2018.
    • However, the game can still be downloaded from this ApkPure page.