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Monsters, Inc. (Корпорация Монстров [Korporaciya Monstrov]) is a platformer made for the Mega Drive. The game itself is a hack of Decap Attack by Vic Tokai. The game can be found in either cartridge form, or in portable Mega Drive clone consoles. It was released in Russia.


  • Translated to Russian.
  • The island that is blown to pieces in Decap Attack is now a door, referencing the movie's plot.
  • The title screen has a poorly colored Monsters, Inc. logo, and a brown background.
  • The main character you play as throughout the whole game is now Mike.
  • The monster on the item selection is a badly drawn Mike, while the monster in the beginning scene is a picture of Mike (albeit very few colors due to the hardware limitations).


  • Mike's sprite may have been taken from the Monsters, Inc. Game Boy Advance game.
  • The game description on the back of the box translates to, "Action of the game takes place in the city Monstropolis where different monsters of different shapes and sizes live. Monster Mike works on the biggest "scary" corporation - Monsters Inc as a children scarer. After unsuccessful teleportation he became locked in other worlds (universes) and the door of teleportation was stolen and scattered. He needs to find all pieces of the door, to gather the pieces and to come back. But insidious villains are trying to interfere (destroy his plan or prevent it)." The cutscene in the beginning is pretty much the same as this description, but with slight changes.
  • The ROM graphics indicate that the ending to the game is unaltered from the game it's based on.


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