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Moto Sea
Release date 2006 (Worldwide?)
Manufacturer JungleTac (?)
Distributor(s) Senario Entertainment
Included games 6 built-in games
Game developer(s) JungleTac

The Moto Sea is a plug-n-play controller presumably manufactured by JungleTac and distributed by Senario Entertainment in 2006.


The unit itself is a rather standard plug-n-play controller with a d-pad and four buttons. It's notable feature though is that it also comes with a wireless inflatable jet ski with tilt controls. The controller itself needs to be plugged in and would recognize the jet ski.


The controller comes with a collection of games referred to as Air Jet Sprint. All of these games appear to have been developed by JungleTac.

Game list

  • Totally Jet - Pole Position clone with a jet ski.
  • Tiger Rescue - Top-down shoot-em-up.
  • Pinball Fish - Arkanoid clone.
  • Jewel Fever - Tetris clone.
  • Jet Rush - Top-down racer.
  • Auto-X - Pole Position clone but with kart racing.