The Moto sea (Called "Air jet sprint" in the main menu) is a handheld TV game manufactured by an unknown company and distributed by Senario Entertainment in 2006. Six games are included in the system, all of which are copyrighted to JungleTac. A controller model is available, and a unit that resembles a jet ski. The controller model looks like a Dreamcast controller without an analog stick.

Games Edit

These games are mostly based on Flash games.

  • Auto-X: Pole Position clone.
  • Jet rush 2: Top-down racer.
  • Tiger rescue: Top-down shoot-em-up.
  • Pinball fish: Arkanoid clone.
  • Totally jet: Essentially Auto-X with different graphics.
  • Jewel fever 2: Tetris clone.

Technical issues Edit

These consoles have a number of design flaws, including up and down d-pad keys that don't function, as well as buttons that are prone to breaking.

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