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Mulan is a game for the Sega Mega Drive based on the Disney film of the same name, released in 1998. It was likely developed by ex-Chuanpu developers and published by X Boy. A second release exists that does not credit X Boy but it is unknown if it was published by another company or by X Boy without their logo.


Mulan (Unl) -!-003

Screenshot of the first level.

In this action platformer game, the player takes control of the titular character, Mulan (as Ping), through four levels (with usually more than one sub-stage) in a recreation of the film's plot with each level, save for the third, having a boss to defeat once the player reaches the end of the stage.

Health in this game is tracked by a simple HP gauge, with 99 health as its maximum. Each hit taken from an enemy deals a variable amount of damage from between 10 and 20 HP, although health can be restored by picking up food items, such as meat.

Along with food, the player can find many other items, such as a "flaming orb" for invincibility and a miniature of Mushu, which will earn the player another life. Coins can be found within each level, although all coins will be lost with every hit you take. Another item, the vial, earns the player 5 coins for every one obtained.

Mulan can attack with her sword by using the B button, using this in combination with a jump (C button) or while falling through the air causes a weird flutter effect which can be used to slow Mulan's decent and create shortcuts through the level, all while mowing down enemies.

ROM Variations[]

Mulan has several different variations in its dumped form. A "clean" version exists that keeps the original copy protection scheme intact and will not work on any emulators other than those that are specifically programmed to handle the protection routine. When running an unpatched image either on real hardware or through emulation, the game will crash before loading the first level. Patched versions exist in varying degrees to allow it to work up to certain different points depending on the emulator or hardware used.

A completely patched version exists that correctly removes all the copy protection routines. This fully patched version is the image that almost all physical copies of Mulan in circulation used, due to them being counterfeited and not manufactured by the original production company.


Level 1: Wanna Be A Man[]

This level has 4 sections. The first one uses a remixed version of the theme of the battle junk stage from Shui Hu Feng Yun Zhuan but the second one is from The Lion King's title screen. Fourth, the player will battle General Li Shang. The player can reflect projectiles towards him, although the wood sticks could cause damage to the player very often.

Level 2: Greatest Wall[]

The enemies look stronger and have new abilities. The level's music is taken from Barver Battle Saga.

Level 3: Snow Planet[]

In the beginning, the player gets chased by a snowball. The player can choice to either destroy it or flee. This stage is ripped directly from Beauty and the Beast: Roar of the Beast and even has the bear enemy from that game, but they're recolored to polar bears. The music is from the beginning sequence from Ya Se Chuan Shuo.

Level 4: Palace War[]

The background is taken from Simba's Destiny from The Lion King. The level's music is once again the battle junk stage from Shui Hu Feng Yun Zhuan, however, it is not remixed this time. In the second part, the player battle Shan-Yu.






Mulan 1998 Copyright logo

The copyright logo on screen.

  • At the title screen, go to the Options, press Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, B, C. An image with a logo (CU) and some Chinese text "倉信貿易有限公司 版權所有. 翻拷必究 (Cangxin Trade Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.)" will appear.
  • The game features a text crawl in the introduction that follows the plot of the film quite well. Atop of that, it's in many different languages such as Chinese, English, Spanish, Portugese and Arabic.
  • Many resources from this game are stolen from other games (coincidentally most of the Disney ones) such as the spikes from Disney's Aladdin, a couple of backgrounds and a monkey sprite sheet from The Lion King and Bram Stoker's Dracula, to name a few. There's also a sound effect stolen from the Mega Drive version of Toy Story.
  • The engine would be reused in Hercules 2, which was published in 1999 by X-Boy.
  • The game header is almost identical to the ones of Pocket Monster, Pocket Monster II, Aladdin II, and Hercules 2. Knowing that they share similar traits, it's likely they share the same game engine and developers.
  • The picture of Mulan and Mushu in the intro is taken from the cover of Disney Sing Along Songs: Honor To Us All.
  • The label of the original cartridge is taken from the Taiwanese poster of the film.