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Multi 5 is an arcade compilation title developed and released by Yun Sung (with coopereation by Soft Vision) in 1998.


The arcade machine consists in a compilation of 5 puzzle games, all of them ripping off some content from an existent game:

  1. Box Logic (Picross clone)
  2. Rocktris (Tetris clone with naked woman in background)
  3. Bubble Gum (Puzzle Bobble / Bust-A-Move clone with retained graphics from the original)
  4. Cross Point (Columns clone with naked woman in background)
  5. Tong Boy (a unauthorized clone of Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr and Donkey Kong 3)

Rocktris is known to be released as stand-alone arcade machine and both Box Logic with Rocktris also is featured in Puzzle Club, another game compilation made by Yun Sung.


Box Logic[]

  • The game is a clone of Picross, although is not based in a Picross video game, such as Mario's Picross and other Picross games developed by Jupiter.

Bubble Gum[]

  • The game is an almost a unauthorized modification of Taito's Puzzle Bobble (otherwise known as Bust-A-Move in USA), since almost of the features of the original game was thrown in;
  • The programmers stole the sound effects, graphics and voices of the original game.

Cross Point[]

  • The game is a clone of Sega's Columns, which featured naked woman in the background. the censored set is also available (by adding non explicit images)
  • This game is also a remake of the Dooyong IND(who had a partnership)'s game called "Cross Point" in 1995. Which is another columns clone.

Rock Tris[]

  • The original 1994 game (called "ROCK") is a clone of X Rock, a Taiwanese game made by Soft World in 1990 for MS-DOS and also is a rip off of Sega's Columns.
  • However, this version is not a X Rock based, but rather on an adult tetris clone called Magix, featuring new types of blocks, which also made by same company in 1995.

Tong Boy[]

  • The game is a complete adaptation of three Nintendo games: Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr and Donkey Kong 3
  • The characters was changed in general, to avoid legal issues with Nintendo;
  • Both original games did only feature 4 stages each. Tong Boy has their own variant stages (plus the original DK and DK Jr. ones), such as different enemy and ladder placements.
  • A SFX from Puyo Puyo is heard when player touches a food in a similar manner to DK Jr.;
  • The backgrounds apperes to be stolen from Interplay's Earthworm Jim,Ubisoft's Rayman and Disney's Aladdin and The Lion King (Sega Genesis Version)

In general[]

  • The songs in general are stolen and lifted from various Nihon Falcom games, such as Dragon Slayer and Ys II;
  • Several versions of the compilation exists around the world by different publishers, these are:
    • New Impeuropex Corp. S.R.L. (Italy);
    • BNS Enterprises (India);
    • Nova Games (if is Nova Games of Canada is unconfirmed);
  • Yun Sung also did a similar compilation called Puzzle Club, released in 2000. (The Korean version of the game, Karis New Generation, was released in 1999.)


  • Director: Kang Bok Won, Lee Chang Won
  • Program: Kim Byung Gyu, Jang Chang Soo
  • Graphics: Oh Jeong Suk, Yum Jeong Sik, Kim Dong Suk, Lee Chang Won
  • Hardware: Lee Sang Jin
  • Sound: Lee Chang Won