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The Multicade 230 is a handheld system shaped like a mini arcade machine, featuring 230 games. The system runs on VT368 hardware and has many hacks of early Famicom titles (likely from Cube Technology), along with unedited Waixing games, some common OneBus games, and a few originals.

Games List[]

The system has four categories: Sports, Shooting, Puzzle, and Arcade. Each of these options lead into a separate menu featuring games based on the selected category. Most of the hacked games do not have title screens, and are hacked to have a large amount of (or sometimes infinite) lives, and have full music and voice samples, similar to Street Dance, instead of the 8-bit music (with a few exceptions). They aren't very well done, and some crash after the first few levels. Text is not changed, even if it says the original name of the hacked game. The original games are even lower in quality, and have misleading names/themes. The best example is Zoology, which is just a soundboard with animal sounds and is listed as a puzzle game.

  1. VR Tennis
  2. Penalty Shootout
  3. Worldwide Top Soccer
  4. Football Training
  5. Table Soccer
  6. Beat Brick (Arkanoid clone)
  7. Goals
  8. Header
  9. Soccer Cup Final (Soccer hack)
  10. Basketball
  11. Darts
  12. Shadowbox
  13. Hercules
  14. Soccerboy
  15. Skateboard
  16. Horse Race
  17. Roads (Bump 'n Jump hack, starts on level 2)
  18. Golfer (Golf hack)
  19. Rugby Fight (10-Yard Fight hack)
  20. Animal Tennis (Tennis hack)
  21. Wrestling (Tag Team Match: M.U.S.C.L.E. hack)
  22. Drift Racing (Road Fighter hack)
  23. Motor Racer (Zippy Race hack, unplayable after level 1)
  24. Dodge the Ball (Penguin-Kun Wars hack)
  25. Super Bowling (Dynamite Bowl hack)
  26. F-1 Race (F-1 Race hack)
  27. Autoboat Contest (PongPong hack)
  28. Table Ball (Pong clone)
  29. Baseball (Intellivision's Major League Baseball clone)
  30. Shoot (Track & Field hack)
  31. Shotput (Track & Field hack)
  32. Discus (Track & Field hack)
  33. Goalkeeper
  34. Galaxy Battle (Galaga hack)
  35. Street Man
  36. Super Shooter
  37. Missiles
  38. Duck Hunter (Duck Hunt clone)
  39. Penguins
  40. Sky Fighter
  41. Wave Tiger
  42. Popo (Super Pang clone)
  43. Tiger Man
  44. UFO
  45. Water Fire
  46. Spacewar (Star Force hack)
  47. Bug Fight (Millipede hack)
  48. Shelters (Space Invaders hack)
  49. Tanks (Battle City hack)
  50. Magmax (Magmax hack)
  51. Space Fighter (Macross hack)
  52. Fighter Plane (Raid on Bungeling Bay hack)
  53. Enemy Attacker (Gradius hack)
  54. Ship Defender (Xevious hack)
  55. Seicross (Seicross hack)
  56. Radar (Field Combat hack)
  57. Air Buster (Stargate hack)
  58. Maze Arrow (Pooyan hack)
  59. Troopers (Front Line hack)
  60. Bomb Release (Twinbee hack)
  61. Earth Defender (Exerion hack)
  62. Trek (Gyrodine hack)
  63. Sky Walker (Sonson hack)
  64. Air Socker (B-Wings hack)
  65. Star Soldier (Star Soldier hack)
  66. Battle Field (1942 hack)
  67. Battle Field 2 (Baltron hack)
  68. Galaxy War (Star Luster hack)
  69. Sea Fighter (Sqoon hack)
  70. Space War 2 (Geimos hack)
  71. Galaxy War 2 (Zunon Senkan Galg hack)
  72. Shuttle Attack (Argus hack)
  73. Defender (Choplifter hack)
  74. Mighty Boys (Warpman hack)
  75. Enemy Hunt (King's Knight hack)
  76. Tank (Tank 1990 hack)
  77. Trooper (Intellivision's Astrosmash clone)
  78. Shooting Ballons
  79. Robot
  80. Final Man
  81. Archer (Intellivision's Buzz Bombers clone)
  82. Close Quarters (Intellivision's Space Battle clone)
  83. Enchanter
  84. Defensive
  85. Dragon Den
  86. Airial Hero (Intellivision's Space Battle clone)
  87. Ghost Palace
  88. Final Fighter (Atari's Battlezone clone)
  89. Sudoku
  90. Unwonted
  91. Gem Copy
  92. Fruit Couping
  93. Rabbit
  94. Pipes (Pipe Dream clone)
  95. Crazy Coins
  96. Copy It
  97. Twin Cards
  98. Find Different
  99. Western Restaurant
  100. Germ Killer (Germ Killer (Waixing) hack)
  101. Painting
  102. Route
  103. Match Up
  104. Math Genius(#1)
  105. Harry (Flipull clone)
  106. Carpark
  107. Picture Matcher
  108. Picture Magic
  109. Push Box (Soukoban clone)
  110. Ball Switch
  111. Zoology
  112. Magic Ball
  113. Photo Puzzle
  114. Maze
  115. Speed Type
  116. Stainless Glass
  117. Ball Eliminator
  118. Lets Count
  119. Loop Legend
  120. Tent (Hurry Burry hack)
  121. Bead Switch (Columns clone)
  122. Lode Runner (Championship Lode Runner hack)
  123. Math Genius(#2)
  124. Number Puzzle
  125. Bead (Magic Jewelry hack)
  126. Pyramid (Pyramid hack)
  127. Secret Mission (Spy Vs. Spy hack)
  128. Fling Ball
  129. Sum It Up
  130. Pattern Puzzle (Wisdom Boy hack)
  131. Box Jump (Q*Bert hack)
  132. Color Balls (Flipull hack)
  133. Constellation (Palamedes 2: Star Twinkles hack)
  134. Fire (Fire Dragon hack)
  135. Tryst (Binary Land hack)
  136. Genius (Flappy hack)
  137. Gluttonous Snake (Snake clone)
  138. Smart Girl (Bomb Sweeper hack)
  139. Pillar Break (Moai-Kun hack)
  140. Lucky Ball (Pinball hack)
  141. Dice
  142. Backgammon
  143. Maze Link (Gomoku Narabe hack)
  144. Balloon Chess (Othello (Unofficial version) hack)
  145. Cards
  146. Chess (Othello (Official version) hack)
  147. Convection
  148. Battlefield (Intellivision's Night Stalker clone)
  149. Toy Factory
  150. Horrible Area (Intellivision's Thin Ice clone)
  151. Lawn Purge
  152. Undersea
  153. Burrow
  154. Tactful
  155. Panda
  156. Gem
  157. Whack Mole
  158. Music Composer
  159. Blue Jack
  160. Shepherd
  161. Dual Hoopers (Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers hack)
  162. China Corpse (Plants Vs. Zombies clone)
  163. Fatso Jumper (MineShaft clone)
  164. Cat VS Dog
  165. Magical Kitchen (Magical Kitchen (Waixing) hack)
  166. Build Man (Wrecking Crew 98 clone)
  167. Duel
  168. Helli Mission
  169. Squirrel Courtship
  170. Maggie (Bubble Bobble clone)
  171. Iceberg (The Penguin and Seal hack)
  172. Farm Keeper
  173. Cross River (Frogger clone)
  174. Terminal (Mystery Quest hack)
  175. Fruit Eater (Adventure Island hack)
  176. Exit (Mickey Mousecapade hack)
  177. Fruit Collector (Chubby Cherub hack)
  178. Abscondee
  179. Smart Bomber (Bomberman clone)
  180. Gluttonous Dog
  181. Jump Mouse (Pop Monster hack)
  182. Maze Bomber (Bomberman hack)
  183. Car Treasure (Route-16 Turbo hack)
  184. Wall Breaker (Arkanoid hack)
  185. Worms (Nibbles hack)
  186. Birds (Bird Week hack)
  187. Survival (Chack 'n Pop hack)
  188. Combat Cars (City Connection hack)
  189. Balloon Warrior (Astro Robo Sasa hack)
  190. Balloon Zone (Balloon Fight hack)
  191. Wing Fighter (Joust hack)
  192. Falling
  193. Street War (Urban Champion hack)
  194. Sword Combat (The Tower of Druaga hack)
  195. Rescue The Girl (Popeye hack)
  196. Tele Port
  197. Gold Finder (Clu Clu Land hack)
  198. Pro Sweeper (Brush Roller hack)
  199. Ghost Adventure (Ninja JaJaMaru-kun hack)
  200. Underground Battle (Dig Dug hack)
  201. Candy Eater (Nuts & Milk hack)
  202. Rabbit Girl (Onyanko Town hack)
  203. Wrecking (Wrecking Crew hack)
  204. Acrobatics (Circus Charlie hack)
  205. Arabian (Super Arabian hack)
  206. Robbers (Elevator Action hack)
  207. Diamonds (Mighty Bomb Jack hack)
  208. Train Saver (Challenger hack)
  209. Bonaza Bounce (Mappy hack, unplayable after level 3)
  210. Bee Jumper (Pac-Land hack)
  211. Ice Climb (Ice Climber hack)
  212. Key Finder (Peepar Time hack)
  213. Ninja Stars (Ninja Hattori-kun hack)
  214. Climb Up (Ninja-kun Ma-jo no Boken hack)
  215. Ninjas (Ikki hack)
  216. Underground (Spelunker hack)
  217. Maze Tpooper (Duck hack) (supposed to be spelled Maze Trooper but has a typo)
  218. Boat Race (Road Fighter hack) (Should be under the Sports category)
  219. Sqoon (Sqoon, unedited, Japanese version.)
  220. Exist (Intellivision's Fish War clone)
  221. Brave Boy (Octopus hack)
  222. Cute Fish (Antiquarium hack)
  223. Diamond (Waixing version)
  224. Plush (Toad in the Hole hack)
  225. Blobman
  226. Penguin
  227. Eating (Fish Story hack)
  228. Fireman (Flying Hero hack)
  229. Hit Mouse
  230. Rocketman (Spider-Man [Nice Code] hack)


  • Balloon Zone uses music from Animal Crossing New Leaf.
  • Despite the hack of Onyanko Town being called Rabbit Girl, you still play as the mama cat from the original.