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Napoleon's War (帝国风暴) is a half turn-based, half real-time strategy game created by Waixing in 1998. Gameplay-wise, it's the same game as Chu Han Zheng Ba: War Between Chu and Han, since it was created on the same engine, but has completely new maps (yet less missions to play), as well as audiovisuals. In addition, it's not clear if this game is original or was ported from an already existing PC game.


帝国风暴 Napoleon's War

Screenshot of the game.

The global map is shown primarily the same way as it's supposed to be shown in most of modern RTSses, along with the minimap. In this mode, the player is able to make an overview on his property (like, captured cities) and manage his army.

The battle mode is turn-based. In this mode, the player has to control his divisions and destroy the enemy's armies in order to capture the fort.

The game allows the player to save anytime by using one of two save slots.