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Native 32/8 Game (Aka Native 32) is a Taiwanese company owned by Sunplus.

The company made 32 bit games on a DVD-Rom,used for the Headrest Car DVD player modles.


  • Pirate - Based on Bomber-Man with irresponsive controls
  • Bad Boy - A clone of the Game & Watch game Rain Shower,uses the soundtrack for Challenger on the Famicom
  • Three Pigs - Clone of Pooyan,featuring a refrence to the story The Three Little Pigs
  • Anime Smash Bros - A fighting game similar to Super Smash Bros featuring Sailor Moon,Goku (from Dragon Ball) and Super Man
  • Metal Storm - Based on Jackel with tanks and an impresive FMV intro
  • Mission Express - A Driving game in which you can select between a fire truck,a police car and a race car
  • Bloody Blade - A Side Scrolling Beat Em Up game similar to Streets of Rage and Final Fight
  • Fruit Fall - Catch the item needed for the basket,slipping on banana peels can lose points