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New Game (also called рус. Новая игра, Novaya Igra, the direct translation of the English title), formerly known as Padis (рус. Падис), was a pirate publisher company established in Russia in 1999 by Pavel Baskakov and which specializes on selling gaming consoles, as well as their own brand of 'educational' famiclones/Mega Drive clones, Magistr, more known to be of notorious quality compared to Steepler's Dendy famiclones.

On December 15, 2022, one the legal entities of the company (ООО "Новая игра") was excluded from of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities because of an entry of unreliability of the company information that was made on February 23 of the same year[1]. The company currently operates under Pavel Baskakov's sole proprietorship.


Not much known about how the company established, but a lot of what came out as a result of company's activity can be seen. For instance, New Game has several 'spin-offs', with Simba's (note: 's is the part of the title) being the most widespread. Also, it's known to sell its goods in a Moscow shop named Shedevr, which, however, has absolutely nothing to do with a translation group with the same name.

The assortment of the company includes not only licensed consoles since PlayStation's era, but also a lot of clone consoles, with one of the most recent being Megadrive Portable. The Famicom/NES games are not listed on their website (with the exception of multicart list), while their Mega Drive arsenal includes a lot of Russian translations of existing games and graphic hacks. New Game is also initially known to sell the third version of Sonic Megamix.

The company's influence also hit The Great Dragon magazine, which 'reborn' its' spin-off, The Cool Gamer, into a regular 'code book' with all Mega Drive games they sold listed. The catalogue is also notorious for giving faux ratings to obscure yet not-so-bad games.