New Super Mario World
Publisher Unknown
Developer Unknown
Engine Squirrel King
Sound engine Gamtec
Alternate names/hacks Super Mario World
Super Mario Bros.

New Super Mario World is a hack of Squirrel King made for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis by an unknown developer. The game allows two players to play the game. Despite it being known as "New Super Mario World" on the cover, the first title screen refers it as simply "Super Mario World" and the second refers it as "Super Mario Bros.".

Overview Edit

The game has a similar appearance to Super Mario All-Stars on the SNES as well as some enemies coming from Squirrel King. The only boss from the Mario series in this game is Bowser from World 1. The rest of the bosses are from Squirrel King. Unlike other Mario games, you can pick up crates and hide in them. You can also shoot blue fireballs at enemies.

The first world is the only world that is similar to the Mario universe. The rest of the worlds are based on Squirrel King with the exact same layout and levels. The final boss is a rhino and after the game is finished, several characters from Squirrel King appear in a cut-scene. This cut-scene also appeared in Squirrel King.

The music in the first world is the normal Super Mario music and the World 1 castle has the Bowser's castle music. The rest of the worlds, however, have Squirrel King's soundtrack.

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