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News is a bootleg arcade game released in 1993 by a company called "Poby" (AKA Virus, name changable via dip sw).

It was developed by Kwang ho-Cho. Who previously made "Columns" clone "HEXA", and "Atari Tetris" clone. Under the name "D.R. Korea".


The game is a clone of Compile's Puyo Puyo, with near-identical graphics. Black-and-white pictures of women appear in the background of the playfield, changing as the game progresses. Its music is a heavily sped-up rendition of the Technical Game theme from Soldam.(notice that title screen is from Soldam too.) Also some sound effects were stolen from Konami's 1992 puzzle game, Hexion.

It features many bizarre voice samples when Puyos are cleared, including "Whoa, what?", "Gimme a break!", "Get lost", "Hey, check this out!" "I got you" , and something that sounds like an elongated "Yay!" or "Gay!".

Another company localizated in korea called "MIN" made some arcade games in a similar way. For example, a "Columns" clone "Gumbo" from 1994.

It features same music and uses same sound effect as NEWS. Also it shares some materials originated by COMAD(and other companies).