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*Pop Cricket
*Pop Cricket
A handheld based on unknown (non-NES) 16-bit hardware called the ''Millennium Arcade 101'' features several games clearly based on Nice Code NES games, but it is unclear if they were actually developed/licensed by Nice Code or not. These include:
*Base Defense/Trooper (based on ''Burbles'', a ''Bubble'' hack)
*Battleship (based on ''Seaport Guarl'')
*Beachwar (based on ''Five Days'')
*Deformable Car (based on ''Deformable'', a ''Lighting'' hack)
*Earth Defence (based on ''Gallagant'')
*Farmer/Rampart Guard (based on ''The Farmer'')
*Final Blood (based on ''Final Blood'', a ''Battlezone'' hack)
*Fish Journey (based on ''Fish Journey'', a ''Pobble'' hack)
*Hit Mouse (based on ''Rural Goblin'')
*Lightning (based on ''Extreme Rally'')
*Santa Claus (based on ''Mad Xmas'')
*Shark Story (based on ''Shark! Shark!'')
*Super Archer (based on ''The Archer'')
=== Sega Genesis ===
=== Sega Genesis ===
At least one Sega Genesis game was developed by Nice Code; ''Fish Story'', a port of the Famiclone game. It is unknown if any other Genesis titles were produced.
A handful of Sega Genesis games were developed by Nice Code. Information on them is scarce, as they are near-identical to their NES VT03 library. The only 100% known title is ''Fish Story''; rumored games include ''Burbles'', ''Five Days'', and a licensed port of ''Pac-Man'' found on a My Arcade handheld.
== Trivia ==
== Trivia ==
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