A NES from Nintendo of Venezuela.

Nintendo de Venezuela, also known as Nintendo, CA (Corporación anónima, Venezuela's equivalent of S.A.) was a producer of NES and Famicom products, including consoles and cartridges.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Similarly to NTDEC, Nintendo de Venezuela operated under the actual Nintendo name; unlike NTDEC, however, they used the proper Nintendo logo without any abbreviations. They are known to have released several models of the NES and Famicom, all of which have a very close likeness to the official Nintendo product(s). The only major differences between them are the formatting of the text and logos, and the colors of the buttons on the controllers (yellow A button, red B button; the traditional NES has both colored red). It is reported that 72-to-60 pin adapters came with every N.O.V. NES model, and presumably vice-versa for the Famicom model.

Nintendo de Venezuela also released many bootleg Famicom cartridges; all of them were branded as "Nintendo Entertainment System", despite not being directly compatible with the NES. The cartridges all had end labels with the game's title written on them, unlike standard Famicom releases. Presumably to save cost, the boxes were generic, but had an extra cartridge label of the respective game stuck to the front. Some notable cloned games include Magic Carpet 1001 (under the Aladdin III name) and Mario 16.

It is speculated that Nintendo de Venezuela had some sort of official contract with Nintendo of Japan/America. This is most evident by both the console designs and elements such as instruction manuals being near-perfect copies of their source material, save for the Venezuelan translation. However, this has still not been proven, and there were many ties to the bootleg industry with their products regardless.

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