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Nobunaga no Yabou Bushou Fuuunroku (Chinese Translation Version) (信長之野望 武將風雲錄 中文版) is a bootleg Mega Drive Chinese translation version of Nobunaga no Yabou Bushou Fuuunroku (信長の野望 武将風雲録), also known as Nobunaga's Ambition Lord of Darkness overseas, developed and published by an unknown company.


This is one of many bootleg Mega Drive Chinese translation version games. This chinese version is not consistent in quality. Sometimes have precisely translation and sometimes have inaccurate translation. Specifically Almost inaccurate translation come from a program error.

Also, Original Sega logo changed "Chinese version"(中文版) logo. This chinese version is currently undumped.

Examples of Inaccurate Translation[]

  • 全國全委任し? (English:Do you want all states to be self governed? Japanese:全ての国を委任しますか? Chinese:全國全委任?)
  • XXX(Name of samurai lord)で可以嗎? (English:Am xxx allowed to? Japanese:XXXでよろしいですか? Chinese:XXX可以嗎?)



  • The box art steals the cover of Warriors of Fate (Aka:Tenchi o Kurau 2 Sekiheki no Tatakai (天地を喰らう2 赤壁の戦い) for PlayStation/Sega Saturn version.
  • Despite being developed in Taiwan, The text in this game is a mix of Shinjitai (新字体) and Traditional Chinese, a common trait in bootleg Mega Drive chinese translation games.
    • As an example, have chinese name of samurai lord. (Mixed: 內藤昌豊, 一万田鑑實 etc... Shinjitai: 内藤昌豊,一万田鑑実 (or 一萬田鑑実), Traditional Chinese: 內藤昌豐,一萬田鑑實 etc..)
  • The font used for this game is from ETen Chinese System (倚天中文系統). This font is also used in many old Taiwanese video games (notably DOS games) and other early Waixing games.
  • Not limited to this game, almost of bootleg Mega Drive Chinese Translation games release in China.