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One Day of Mr. Potato, also known as Mr. Onion and Hero Spud, is a puzzle-platforming game released by JungleTac sometime in the 2000s. Originally released on VT09-based plug 'n plays, it was later ported to VT3xx, Game Boy Advance, and Sunplus hardware.



Gameplay (VT09 version).

The player controls Mr. Potato, a character with a striking resemblance to Kirby, and must collect the keys in order to unlock the cage holding his girlfriend. Mr. Potato cannot jump - he must use ladders to climb upward. He can attack enemy onions by shooting out of his mouth. After unlocking the cage, the game moves on to the next level.

GBA / Sunplus versions[]

These newer versions of the game, both titled Mr. Onion, feature overhauled graphics, music and mechanics. While the first level is the same as the original, the levels following it are unique. The player can now take fall damage, which wasn't present in the original. The enemy AI is slightly more forgiving.


A hack of One Day of Mr. Potato was released titled Defender, which replaced Mr. Potato with a purple-haired girl and changes the level environments. Two games produced by Shenzhen Niutai Technology, Magic Key and Adventure in the Park, are clones of Mr. Potato, seemingly made without JungleTac's involvement. Magic Key was developed for 16-bit Sunplus SPG hardware (i.e., the Hamy WiWi), while Adventure in the Park was developed for Sega Genesis hardware.


  • The "Mr. Onion" name used on the later ports originates from NES-based multicarts naming the game incorrectly in the menu (while lacking a title screen). This is a common problem for JungleTac games.
  • Mr. Potato's sprite is actually a modified version of Tiki from The NewZealand Story, redesigned to resemble Kirby.[1] The graphic of the girl potato inside the cage, however, appears to be taken from Kirby's Dream Land 3.
    • The ending screen is modified from the ending of the NES port of The NewZealand Story; it is outlined with a frame modified from the title screen of Super Mario Bros. 2.
  • The title screen of the 16-bit Sunplus version features modified artwork of Pac-Man from Pac-Mania (likely from one of Grandslam's PC ports) alongside a feminized Kirby.
  • The background on level 1 is taken from level 7 of Tetris 2 + Bombliss (in the "Contest" mode).
  • On the Zone 3D system, which uses the 32-bit Sunplus SPG293 hardware, a 32-bit Sunplus port of Mr. Onion, titled Mr. Onion 2, is included in the arcade games section. This port features a new title screen. It seems to postdate the one just titled Mr. Onion, however.