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Open Season (Сезон Охоты) is a sprite hack of Rolo To The Rescue for the Sega Mega Drive, Similar to Open Season 3, based on the movie, made by an unknown company. It was released after the movie's release in 2006. The game uses sprites from the Game Boy Advance version of Open Season.


The hack skips the Electronic Arts screen.

Unlike Open Season 3, Elliot's sprites are different and use Rolo's pallete, and the map sprite was replaced with an arrow.


The copyright screen was replaced with the plot: "The vicious circus performers decided to catch all the animals in the forest in order to brutally exploit them in the circus arena. Our friends must prevent this!" .


  • The "Rolo and Friends" Sprite of the Title screen is gone.
  • The Title screen text is also different:
    • "Press Start To Play" was replaced with "Open Season".
    • "Programming - Mc. Carthy" was replaced with "Нажмите Старт" (Press Start).
    • "Artwork - Leayon Archer" was replaced with "Сезон Охоты" (Open Season, again)



Box art


Box back