Open Season 3
Open Season 3 000
Title screen.
Hack of Rolo to the Rescue
Publisher KDS
Developer BMB (?)
Original developer Electronic Arts
Console Sega Mega Drive
Date 2011(?)
Alternate names/hacks Open Season 1

Open Season 3 (Russian: Сезон Охоты 3) is a sprite hack of Rolo To The Rescue for the Sega Mega Drive based off the movie of the same name. It was released after the movie's debut in 2010, and it is assumed BMB was behind it due to the font used being identical to their games. The game uses sprites from the Game Boy Advance version of Open Season.

Trivia Edit

  • Rolo's mum in the end is replaced with Boog.
  • The good ending is unaltered besides it changing the text to saying the end.
  • The main circus catcher is replaced with a hunter.
  • The Story according to the main screen before the game starts is boog leaves in loss of happiness and finds a circus and meets a russian bear and Elliot has to save him.
  • The Rabbit was replaced with Buddy from the movie.

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