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Operation Secret Storm is an unlicensed action-oriented NES game by Color Dreams where you control a secret agent named George whose main goal is to defeat the infamous dictator Saddam Hussein and his men.


(Quoted from the game's manual)

"Operation Secret Storm After a briefing of the Gulf War situation, agent George, a Top CIA agent, is being sent to the Middle East. Your mission is to save oil refineries in the Gulf, and to stop further production of CBW (Chemical and Biological Warfare) weapons. You are expected to engage in hand to hand combat with Saddam's men as well as himself. To complete the mission, you must use every skill and and determination to defeat Saddam. Remember, many lives are at stake."



  • The working title for the game was ARAB, and it was changed to Who's Sane Now. This was later changed to Operation Secret Storm.
  • In the game's manual Saddam was always called "Saddam Insane".
  • On the title screen, the credit for programming is misspelled as "progaming".
  • Due to the Iraq War, the events of the game are now no longer considered possible; the Iraq War caused the collapse of Saddam Hussein's dictatorship.