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The PCP-936 6 in 1 GAME is a clone of TimeTop's "Game King" handheld. Unlike the Game King, which has a resolution of 48 by 32 pixels, this clone has a resolution of 56 by 32 pixels. The screen appears to have a 4:3 aspect ratio because the pixels are taller than they are wide. It comes with a cartridge that resembles a Game Boy Advance cartridge. The cartridge claims to contain the games, though the games are built in and the cartridge just lets the system play them. The system has a backlight, an extra controller, and loosely resembles a PlayStation Portable.

Some versions of the game came with an additional thin paper manual in addition to the cardboard backing. Since it is stashed away behind the device in the packaging, it cannot be determined prior to opening the package if the consumer has purchased that version.

Games included are:

  • King Boxing - A one-on-one fighting game. Unlike the YD versions of the game, this one has two fighters - a female in a qipao with buns, and a shirtless overweight man with a mustache. In versions of the system which come with a paper manual in addition to the cardboard one, they are called "Peneloppe" [sic] and "Warren", respectively.
  • The Wall - Bat-and-ball Breakout clone, seen on other LCD systems. Misspelled "The Will" on the Chinese side of the cardboard instructions.
  • Risk King - Super Mario Bros. clone with a rabbit protagonist, seen on other LCD systems.
  • CS - A gallery shooter, likely named after Counter Strike.
  • Tank - A game similar to SNK's TNK III/Iron Tank.
  • F1-2010 - A racing title, called "Pursuit" in the English side of the cardboard instructions.

On the control layout on the English side of the cardboard instructions, Tank, F1-2010, and Risk King are left out and there are controls instead for "Sea-Wolf", "Apache", and "Motor" - games that were on the PCP-926 LTPS Handy Game PCP Station, but not here. The Chinese side retains these games' controls.