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PCP Station refers to a "series" of handheld systems released from the mid-to-late 2000s to the early 2010s. The console line is infamous for its name, as "PCP" is the shorthand name for the illicit drug phencyclidine.

The PCP systems are known to use varying hardware types: including models based on "POP Station"-like LCD technology, models based on GameKing clone hardware, and at least one model using the later "big screen" 1.8" Handheld Games architecture. The consoles are generally modeled to resemble a PlayStation Portable or a PSP Go.


Handheld LCD game models[]


A handheld LCD-based PCP Station with its separate "screen cartridges"

The earliest PCP Station models were based on handheld LCD technology, and are loosely part of the "POP Station" clone lineage. In comparison to other bootleg LCD games, the first PCP Station model features a quite large and clear screen, with somewhat higher quality games. However, some later models feature the typical small screens and game library of comparable, POP Station-like units. Despite the packaging's claim of a "color screen", all games play in black-and-white, with colored background images affixed to the back of the screens.

Similarly to other handhelds of this type, the PCP Station uses interchangeable screens as "cartridges", which feature different game logic and graphics. For the first console model(s), two sets of five games were produced, with a random set of three games included in the box.

"Screen cartridge" games, set 1[]

  • Thunderbolt Airplane - A basic shooting game.
  • Super Mary - Port of the Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch, combining elements of the New Wide Screen and Crystal Screen versions. Uses a rendition of "Entry of the Gladiators" and the Mario 1 "underground" theme.
  • Nonsuch Fly Racing - A basic car racing game.
  • Street Overlord - A variant of City Fighter, a game commonly seen on "POP Station" clones. The PCP Station version replaces the character graphics with Ryu and Sagat from the Street Fighter series.
  • Chanticleer Hegemony - Reskin of Street Overlord replacing the players with chickens, seemingly to represent cockfighting; uses sampled clucking sound effects. Notably rarer to find than other titles, despite games seemingly being picked at random.

"Screen cartridge" games, set 2[]

  • Super Mary
  • Angry Biros - Presumably based on Angry Birds
  • Cross Fike - Presumably based on Cross Fire
  • Submarine Wvasion - Presumably Submarine Invasion, a clone of Casio's CG-330 Submarine Battle that is common on "POP Station" clones
  • Temple Run 2 - Presumably based on Temple Run

List of consoles[]

Note that the list(s) are sorted by the assumed order of release, and are likely incomplete.

Handheld LCD-based[]

  • PCP Station Value Pack (PCP-8008, ver. 1) - Likely the first model released; loosely modeled after a PSP. Bundled with three "screen cartridge" games from a selection of five options. Later (?) sold as the ID "PCP-8009", seemingly to differentiate it from the variant below.
  • PCP Station Value Pack (PCP-8008, ver. 2) - Same as the above, but with different game options mostly based on early 2010s mobile games. Appears to be much less common than the above model.
  • PCP Station Game Advance (PCP-8063) - Modeled after a PSP. Bundled with four "screen cartridge" games using a different game set than prior units.

GameKing clone hardware-based[]

  • LTPS Handy Game (PCP-926, 5-in-1) - Modeled after a PSP Go. Possibly affiliated with Timetop, as the company has used the LTPS Handy Game name on earlier handhelds.
  • PCP Station (PCP-936, 6-in-1) - Modeled after a PSP Go. Also sold under the ID(s) PCP-938 and PCP-939, with differing product designs but identical software.
  • PCP Station Value Pack (PCP-8068, 6-in-1) - Loosely modeled after the original Game Boy.

"Big Screen" 1.8" handheld-based[]

  • PCP Station - Digital Pocket Hand Held System (8728, 788-in-1) - Only features 100 actual games (including graphic hacks), with hundreds of duplicates. Also sold under the ID(s) 8468 and 8728A, with differing product designs but identical software.

Unknown hardware type[]

  • PCP Station - Loosely resembles a Nintendo DS Lite; model number and game count cannot be determined.[1]


  • Some console models were published by Yuan Da (or "YD"), who also produced a large majority of the known consoles based on GameKing clone hardware. However, it is unclear if YD produced all PCP Station variants; it is possible that other manufacturers coincidentally used the PCP name for similar products (given it is easily derived from "PSP").
  • The front of the original models' boxes show a Thunderbolt Airplane cartridge in the console, but it incorrectly features the background image of Super Mary.