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Microtex Industries for Mouse Systems

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John Bridges, Doug Wolfgram

PCPaint was the first IBM PC-based mouse driven GUI paint program. It was developed by John Bridges and Doug Wolfgram.

The hardware manufacturer Mouse Systems bundled PCPaint with millions of computer mice that they sold, making PCPaint also the best-selling MS-DOS-based paint program of the late 1980s.

PCPaint has been legally released as freeware by John Bridges, and is downloadable at

Bootleg Game Connections[]

PCPaint was used by a number of bootleg video game developers, as is evidenced by the fonts from PCPaint, seen in the gallery below, being used within their games' graphics. Developers known to have used PCPaint include Gamtec, Chuanpu, and Vast Fame, all part of the cluster of Taiwanese developers in the greater Taichung area. Waixing and BBD, the latter a contract developer for Sintax, have also been known to use PCPaint for at least some of their graphics.

"maxzhou88", a programmer for Super Game, has specifically mentioned using GRASP, an animation system which incorporated a version of PCPaint known as Pictor Paint, in one of his blog posts on developing bootleg NES ports.


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