A POP Station.

The POP Station is a Chinese electronic handheld game, designed to resemble the PlayStation Portable. The technology is similar to Nintendo's Game & Watch Super Color series, where the LCD panel is covered by strips of coloured plastic, but with illumination added. Because of the often poor animations (even by the standard of electronic games) and the overall bad design, it is difficult to understand what is happening in several games.

Similar designsEdit

Due to the ubiquity of the technology used, many different consoles exist with nearly identical hardware. The name POP Station is commonly dubbed for these types of handhelds due to its infamy. Although some are made by the same manufacturer of the POP Station (such as the Neo Double Games), most are made by different Chinese companies with different shapes; some have an original appearance, while others instead mock other famous handhelds or consoles. For example, the PCP Station is another PSP clone, the Polystation 3 has the shape of a miniaturized PS3 and the WLL resembles a Wii Remote. The games are often built with cheap materials and are not very durable, particularly with models that require you to switch games by switching the LCD screens.

Cartridge systemsEdit

Certain POP Station clones allow you to play different games changing the LCD screen cartridge. This is the same method used by electronic handheld systems of the 80's like the V-Tech Variety or the Bandai Digi Casse, and in the 90's by the Tiger R-Zone. The cartridge contains the LCD display, while the game hardware is built into the console; the screen triggers a switch to tell the system what game is inserted.

Original Model gamesEdit

POPstation review (PSP Rip off)

POPstation review (PSP Rip off)

A Review Of The POP Station.

These are the games that could be found in the original model of the POP Station, along with variants of said games.

  • City Fighter/Street Fighter/Street Overlord/Super Fighter/King of Fighters/Street Hunter/Hero in the World/Immortal Fighter/Kung Fu/Tow Heros Rencounter (Street Fighter clone, due to the very limiting graphics the fighters appear to be throwing their own arms and legs at each other)
  • Soccer/Football/Football Match/Soccer Champion/Football Gbound of Legend/Foot Ball (crude soccer game with players moving vertically)
  • Submarine Invasion/Sea and Aviation War/Persian Gulf Battle/Sea-Sky War/Championship on the Sea/Strong Whale on the Sea/Submarine/Ser and Space Fighting/Laden vs. USA (a clone of Casio's CG-330 Submarine Battle from 1985. Shooting game involving a submarine gunning down planes. The Laden vs. USA one is especially infamous due to the fact that it features real 9/11 photographs on the package and the unit.)
  • Fortress Guardian/Helicopter/F-22 Fighter Planes/Dragonfly Battle Team (a clone of Casio's CG-370 Heli-Battle from 1987. A shooting game involving trying to keep your bases safe)

Non-original, "POP" BrandedEdit

These are games that have appeared in POP Station shells, but weren't part of the original 4-game lineup.

  • 9999-in-1 (a standard 9999-in-1 Brick Game handheld. The same variant is commonly sold in America under the name 5000 Games in One)
  • Super Mary (Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch clone)
  • Loader and Porter (both the same Mario Bros. Game & Watch clone except one has Mario and Luigi and the other has 2 Popeyes)
  • Racing Car/Formula 1/Blazing Autocyle/Nonsuch Fly Racing/Nonsuch Racing (Pole Position clone)
  • Angry Birds (clone of the mobile phone game of the same name)
  • Plants VS. Zombies (clone of the mobile phone game of the same name)
  • Counter Strike (clone of the game of the same name)
  • Several games that currently cannot be confirmed. Some were released as late as 2017, a time when the days of these types of handhelds are long over. These include Honey Bear, The Jungle, Transformers, Subway Surfers, Temple Run, and Carrot Fantasy. (Honey Bear appears to be a modified version of the Game & Watch Mario's Cement Factory, and the latter three are likely loosely based on the original games they are named after)

Unrelated console seriesEdit

These do not have a connection to the POP Station series, but were either based on the actual POP Station games in coding or were found in systems alongside titles from the original model.

  • Chanticleer Hegemony (cockfighting game; hack of City Fighter found on the PCP Station)
  • Pikaciu vs Dino (hack of City Fighter where the characters are replaced with Pikachu and a dinosaur. Only ever released on a very rare single, non-interchangeable unit)
  • Anti Terrorism (game that tries to imitate a first-person shooter, same engine as Space Guardian)
  • Basketball (appears to be based off of Soccer, but scrolls horizontally)
  • Space Guardian/Space Counter Strike/Space-Time Tercel (a clone of Bandai's Space Hawk 50 from 1985)
  • Motorcycle Match/Motorbike Race/Motorcycle (Pole Position clone with motorcycles)
  • Supreme Skiing/Skee (Pole Position clone with skis)
  • Boat Race/Skateboat (Pole Position clone with boats)
  • Snow Boarder (Pole Position clone with snowboards)
  • Munch Time and PiranhaMan (Pac-Man clones except one has Pac-Man himself and the other features a Piranha)
  • Eagle Catch Chick/Baby Egg Protector (Green House Game & Watch clone)
  • Thunderbolt Airplane (Afterburner clone)
  • Several games that cannot be confirmed. These include Fishing Master,' Contra - Snow Field, and CrossFire. (Fishing is self explanatory, and the latter two are likely loosely based on the original games they are named after)