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PX-3600 greek release

The PX-3600 is a Famiclone created by Cheertech in the era of the 7th gaming generation. It is named similarly to the Xbox 360 and shaped like the Xbox 360 Elite, with a similar color palette to the original Xbox. It comes packaged with two controllers, one of which rumbles (and also lights up an LED light while pressing a button). The AV cable used here is stereo, but since the Famicom was a mono sound system, there's no way to use those capabilities. Instead, the RF port is disguised as an AV port for the stereo sound cable. The disk tray opens up to reveal a cartridge slot for Famicom games and the battery cover on the bottom of the console has no wiring, so there is no way to use batteries. While the title screen suggests there are 36000 games, there are only 36 games that are repeated with different titles. The games have been slightly altered to either change up the title screen or just flat out remove the graphics for it.

List of Games[]

  • Street Fighter (Super C)
  • Antarctic Adventure
  • Karateka
  • Teletubbies (Mario Bros.)
  • Circus Charlie (The levels are split into different games)
  • 10-Yard Fight
  • Sky Destroyer
  • Duck Hunt (The game modes are split into different games)
  • Soccer
  • Formation Z
  • Arabian (Super Arabian)
  • Devil World
  • Milk and Honey
  • Bird Week
  • Binary Land
  • Yie-Ar Kung Fu
  • Pinball (The characters have been replaced with more generic sprites)
  • Clu Clu Land
  • Tennis
  • Excitebike

This list is currently unfinished, as the ROM has not been dumped and there is minimal gameplay footage.

Different Versions[]

X-Game 360[]

The X-Game 360 is an unlicensed copy of the PX-3600 made by AV&T, though the only differences are the name of the console and that there are 57000 games, although they are still just a bunch of games repeating.

Kid Box[]

The PX-3600 has also been officially remade by Cheertech as the Kid Box. The only real difference is that the console is now shaped more like a Boombox.